Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Crystal Clear Skin Care

We recently had a visit from the lovely ladies at Crystal clear who, came to our Pixiwoo studio to educate us in their skincare range.
The first thing that became apparent to me was how passionate and enthusiastic Crystal Clear CEO Sharon Hilditch MBE was about her product range.
 After many years studying with dermatologists and doctors Sharon wanted to develop an anti aging alternative to surgery.
 The Crystal Clear range has an extensive line up of products and initially it can feel daunting looking at so many products but once you catergorise them into your own skin care needs it makes a lot more sense.

This range has all the usual suspects including wash off or tissue off cleansers Defence Mask and Crystal polish exfoliator.

For me the stand out products are the Crystal polish Microdermabrasion Exfoliator.
 This huge 150ml pot of exfoliator contains active ingredients, some sound like they are from the future and some are a little more familiar!
Lots of powerful ingredients help to replenish, revive and firm the skin while vitamins C and E help regenerate and protect.
The exfoliating ingredient is Ruby. This mineral stimulates and exfoliates any dull, dry skin away.
 It does feel quite gritty on the skin and you will notice the skin flushing slightly but this is totally normal.
I really enjoyed using this. The essential oils and sunflower oils in it help the minerals to glide over the skin with no drag. There is something really satisfying about massaging this in and feeling like all the dirt from your skin is lifted away.
 After washing off, my skin felt ridiculously soft and plumped.
 Use this twice a week or more if needed.
£32.00 for 150ml

Anti Age Serum and Lift Away The years Applicator

The next stand out product for me is a new product that is launched this month.
Lift away the years is a battery powered, slim line tool that has an oscillating applicator head.
Unscrew the applicator head and fill with the Crystal clear Anti-Aging Serum (guessing you could use other serums as long as they have same consistency). Replace the head and switch on. You will hear a low level buzzing noise and as you push the tip to the skin you will feel the vibration from the roller ball tip.
 You need to massage all over the face in circular motions gently working upwards and concentrating on areas of concern.
 The serum is dispensed through the tip and is pushed deep into the skin.
 Sharon demonstrated this on one half of my face and I could instantly tell that the skin appeared lifted and plumped.
 I usually don’t have a lot of time in the morning so thought this would not be something I could fit in but after using it twice a day for the last month it has just become routine. It really doesn’t take up to much time and if you are someone who is concerned about skin firmness and fine lines I think this is something to definitely incorporate into your skin care routine.
I think taking time to massage in a product really makes a difference anyway but using the Lift away tool encourages you to spend the time doing it.
 These effects are temporary however persevere and you will reap the rewards.

This is priced at £79.00 and includes 30ml of the serum.
A real luxury product at a fairly expensive price but for all those skin lovers out there who take their skin care serious and are concerned by skin aging then a great buy.

Launched this February and you can get hold of this on http://crystalclear.co.uk/liftawaytheyears



  1. Both products sound amazing! I would love to try out the crystal polish since I usually get microderma done from a skin specialist. Thanks for the review.

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

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  3. The first thing that became apparent to me was www.realauravie.com how passionate and enthusiastic Crystal Clear CEO Sharon Hilditch MBE was about her product range.

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