Monday, 28 January 2013

YSL Lips

I am in love with these new YSL lipsticks. The cases are absolutely stunning gold and silver cases with the YSL logo embossed over a band of colour. The colour on the case reflects the colour of the lipstick. No more rummaging around in your handbag, opening lids for the colour you want!

The Rouge Volupte Shine lipsicks (Number 12 Coral Incandescent, 5 Fuchsia in Excess and 19 fuchsia in rage pictured) are glossy, moisturising and although they may look scarily bright they are actually more sheer than you think.
 Colour is buildable and the anti oxidant ingredients help condition and soften lips.

 The Volupte sheer Candy line up (No11 Frosted Mint and No12 Tasty Raspberry) are basically a lipstick that's similar to a lip balm.
 A very sheer veil of colour that is packed with fruit extracts and vitamins. Smell pretty amazing also!
 The mint green although may look strange actually comes out almost transparent.

Each lipstick is £23.50 and available from


  1. Loving the beautiful shades,fuschia in rage has got my name written all over it haha I'm so treating myself to a shade or 2 on my birthday next wk lol

  2. The packaging is just absolutely gorgeous !

  3. Love the packaging! I'm surprised Frosted Mint doesn't come out green when swatched. Tasty Raspberry looks to be my favourite colour from the lot :)

  4. the frosted mint is such a strange colour, and it comes out transparent!:)

  5. Wow, the packaging is just beautiful for starters and the colours are stunning.

    Katie xo

  6. I definitely have to try these. My interest has officially been piqued! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was the same about frosted mint I was thinking, "Green? Really?". I know in colour theory it'll cut out more of the redness of lips, so better for people who prefer their nude/pale lipsticks.

  8. I need to get that green lipstick asap:)

  9. I'm intrigued by the Frosted Mint shade, and the packaging is to die for!


  10. I really like Tasty Raspberry. I was presently surprised by the mint green. It's actually wearable!

  11. Fuchsia rage is divine! Dark lipsticks are my favorite. Love the packaging also!

  12. The colours are divine and I love the packaging <3
    Laura xx

  13. I cannot get enough of these beauties. I have the #4 which is the perfect sheer punchy pink and super glossy. But the gorgeous tube is enough to purchase one- seriously.

  14. Hello! Do you know where I can find frosted mint ? It is not available in the YSL site and I couldn't find at shops also. Thank you.


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