Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ole Henriksen Power Peel

  Ole Henriksen discovered his passion for skin care whilst he was working as a model and show dancer and suffering from acne.
 Whilst living in Indonesia he was helped by an aesthetician that helped his skin condition with the use of natural ingredients.
He has studied cosmetic chemistry and anatomy and eventually he went on to open the Ole Henriksen of Denmark Skin Care Centre in Beverly Hills. He has been working form his Hollywood Spa offering treatments for the face and body since.

I tried the Power Peel 3 step treatment.
This contains 6 sachet style packs.
 Each pack includes a facial scrub, Lemon Strip Peel and Chamomile Comfort Mask.

The 3g sachet holds enough for one use.
The first sachet is the Almond Polish. 
This contains Oat Kernel Flour, Bamboo Stem Powder and Almond.
This abrasive scrub really gets all the dead skin and dry patches away.
 Feels gritty on the skin which I love as it feels like it’s thoroughly cleansing my skin.
After rinsing off my skin is quite pink but not sore at all.
Skin already feels super soft.

Next I used the Lemon Strip. 
This is designed to peel and refine the skin.
 Lactic and Glycolic acid combine with fruit acids help refine the skin.
 These feels a little stingy on application and my skin flushed over my cheeks and forehead.
 It’s not an uncomfortable feeling but if you have very sensitive skin you may find this feeling a little unpleasant.
 It is meant to feel tingly though so don’t be alarmed.

After 2 minutes I apply the third stage straight over the top.
This is the Chamomile Comfort mask.
This is instantly cooling and calms the tingling sensation.
Primrose Oils, Chamomile and Azulene reduce any inflammation and irritation.
 This mask is thick and creamy and although it dries off slightly its not chalky.
After 15 minutes I washed it off.
 My skin is super soft and plumped.
I had some flaky areas around my nose, which have now gone.
I was very impressed with this three step and will continue to use this every month to maintain my skin.
I love the handy sachets, great for traveling and these products are also available in full sizes if you prefer. 
For more info and to purchase check out http://www.olehenriksen.com




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