Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Miracle Glo Perfecting Glotion

Miracle Glo is a lightweight lotion that enhances skin radiance.
Apply to bare skin or buff over make up with the miracle glo buffing brush.
Due to it’s gel/fluid texture it refracts light and creates a 3D radiance to the skin.
Anti oxidant ingredients help to protect the skin against every day pollutants.

I buffed this into my skin after moisturising with the Mineral Glo stippling brush.
It sinks in quickly and adds a soft sheen.
 If your skin is more combination or oily you could just apply it to the high plains of the face rather than all over.
 You could also mix a little with your foundation to save time.

The result…
It did give a sheen that catches the light but it is very subtle.
 Feels very luxurious and would be really nice for people who don’t wear a lot of make up and just like a radiant glowing skin.
A nice product for a no make up day.

This 60ml bottle is £33.00 and available from http://www.timebombco.com


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