Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cloud Nine Waving Wand

If you like a wave to your hair that’s loose, beachy and tousled then check out Cloud Nine Waving Wand.
 This ceramic barrel wand has an even diameter to create a soft wave rather than a tight curl or spiral.

It has a one-touch temperature control in which you can select your heat level.
Low is 130 degrees; Medium is 155 degrees and high is 180 degrees.

The ceramic barrel also helps to add shine to the hair.

A quick and easy alternative to rollers.

I absolutely loved this wand but as with all heated appliances PLEASE be so careful as this gets seriously hot.

A glove is included and you will definitely need to wear this to avoid burnt fingertips but I would also advise wearing a long sleeved shirt to protect your arm also.
 I actually burnt my arm and this is obviously down to my own clumsiness but with the fatter barrel it’s easy to misjudge how close you are to your skin!

Because of the heat I would advise using a heat protecting spray as well.

Section your hair and twist round small or large sections.
You can also rotate it at the root to give root volume.

In 5 minutes your hair is transformed beautifully into a bouncy beachy wave.

 There's also currently the Cloud Nine XChange on, so if readers trade in an old tool, they can get £20 off the Original/Wide Irons, Original/Waving Wands and The O, when bought from www.cloudninehair.com!

This product is £99.95 and available online at www.cloudninehair.com and also from selected salons nationwide.


  1. looks lovely! I always curl mine with straighteners but it leaves it damaged so I deffo need something like this!

    Georgia x

  2. I absolutely love this tousled look as I´ve never been a fan of the super straight look.

  3. I need some curling tongs like this, I used to use the old Babyliss ones which were great, but ONLY gave this sort of wave. I'd love some that give ringletty (if that's a word!) curls too, any tips?


  4. They look such pretty waves!:)


  5. This looks great, im forever trying to find the right want to create waves with x


  6. I have something so similar! I love these products!


  7. I can't believe you can get beautiful results like that in 5 min! I'm sold! I've been looking at a lot of heat styling tools lately, and I think this one is the one.


  8. I would soooo love this! It looks amazing, and perfect in the morning before work when you're short on time!
    Gem xx | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Hi,
    I love your hair and the look you posted :)
    I read you post and I spend hours..... looking for information about the width of the barrel's wand.
    I used to have a 32mm curling tong(from Italy) and I loved it but it stopped working a few months ago :( and I can't find anything good, this wand looks great.
    Can you PLEASE tell me width/diameter of the barrel? :(
    Thank you so much!!


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