Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bella 'Breaking Dawn' Makeup tutorial

There is something about Kristen Stewart that I find utterly captivating, I know that she has her detractors but in a way it makes her appeal to me that bit more. I especially love her make-up, admittedly her make-up artist is often Beau Nelson and I love his work (and him).

I was mesmerised by the make-up in 'Breaking Dawn pt 2' although there are definitely some effects added in post production to create the ethereal glow that Bella has, In this tutorial I tried to capture something similar using M.A.C Luna Cream Color Base (pearly white highlight) while keeping the eyes flat and dead with matte eyeshadows.
To complete the look I used an app called Eye Colorizer to transform my iris's blood red.

Illamasqua Skinbase
MAC Brun Eyeshadow
MeMeMe Arch Angel
MAC Omega Eyeshadow
MAC Embark Eyeshadow
Clinique High Definition Lashes
Amazing Shine Lashes No.46 
Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory Creamy Concealer
MAC Skin Finish in Light
MAC CCB in Luna
Chanel Notorious
Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Pencil 11C


  1. The Best Bella-Make-up-Copy!!!! i love it!!!!

  2. I loved this tutorial. This is one of my all-time favourites! I am going to try this makeup out tonight! :)

  3. This is my first comment here, just to say how great your tutorials are. On this one, Sam, you really look like our wonderful Romy Schneider.
    Claire (from Paris)

  4. Gorgeous as always! I loved Kristen Stewart and the Bella look as well. Looks like you skipped blush? Is that your natural cheek color coming through?

  5. Gorgeous!Looks like you skipped blush? I am guessing that is your natural glow coming through on your cheeks? Thank you..Great tutorial and i am a Bella/Kristen Stewart lover as well!

  6. Absolutely LOVE this, it's just identical to her makeup. Every makeup look you do is a perfect match for what you're trying to do, I wish I was as good as you!

  7. I absolutely LOVED the way you did the eyes! One of your best tutorials. Thanks a ton :) xx

  8. Please do this JLO makeup, and please explain how to get this shade eyebrows my are black thanks kiss

  9. I have never commented before, but just wanted to say: good work! Bella's is a gorgeous look, and your interpretation is really lovely - you look stunning.

  10. Hi Sam. I'm one of your fan that need your good advice on red lipstick. I'm using Mac Nc42 studio fix for myself. Can u recommend me suitable red lipstick for me cause lady danger was way to bright for me. Anyway, really love your Real Techniques brush.

  11. Amazing makeup! Both of you are really great, I'm learning so much from your tutorials! Thanks!


  12. Can you please create a daily makeup for a-Little-Marmaid-Ariel-like-red-hair girl with a pale face and hazel eyes?


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