Thursday, 27 December 2012

Models Own ASOS Exclusive

NYE is 4 days away so get those nails manicured and jazz up your mitts with this ASOS exclusive Models Own nail polish.

 Trend based brand Models Own have quite an array of products and cater for all tastes in their nail polish line up.
They have teamed up with ASOS to launch this polish in the colour 'Party Pieces'.
 This is a party in a bottle containing shards of vibrant glitter in blue, pink, gold, green, red and silver all suspended in a clear fluid.

There are multiple ways to wear this colour.
 Layer it up to give an solid block of glitter, wear one coat over a base colour to add a little sparkle or add to the tips of your painted nails to give a frosting of glitter.
Either way this shade will catch the light and sparkle at your New Years eve party.

Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry between coats. Use a base coat to help take this off with ease. Glitter nail polish is notoriously hard to get off!
 Top coat will make sure you're not seeing the New Year in with chipped nails!
Priced at £5.00 exclusively from


  1. WOW that is an amazing glitter!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Ooh that looks amazing! I LOVE Models Own Nail Polish! Thanks for letting us know♥
    Lots of love,

  3. Madre mía, es precioso ¡me encanta!

  4. oh wow, i need to get this :)

  5. So sparkly and pretty!:)

  6. Wow I love the chunky glitter will def be purchasing it!

  7. Love this shade!


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