Sunday, 2 December 2012

Glitter Antithesis

Beautysets - Grunge Make-up Tutorial

What is your make-up style?


  1. I remember how relieved I was when you did this, i've been doing this look for years but to see it done properly. Perfic!!

  2. Hello from the States :) I absolutely love this look. It has actually become my "everyday" look. It actually works well with my glasses :) LOVE your "alternative" looks, Sam. Normal is boring ;)

  3. totaly adore grunge style. adore your marla singer's look as well, i have quit oily skin and lids as well, altough i dont' mind creasing, under my eyes it always look more than messy, melted, i'd say. as well as the eyeliner, since i have no definite socket a got transfer all the time and i'd love to wear it every day. help! rock'n'roll

  4. Years ago, Brody's makeup inspired me to switch from black smokey eyes to brown smokey eyes, which is a softer and sexier way of bringing out my light eyes. I'm anti-black eyeshadow now!
    I'm such a Brody fan though, and it was great to see this done well. I've seen a lot of tutorials where the Brody look is much heavier, as if the look is a gross between Brody and Dita Von Teese, whereas I feel like Brody's look is much more effortless. Well done!


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