Friday, 7 December 2012

Front Cover Sparkler-Glitter Eyes and Nails

Another fabulous gift set from Front cover cosmetics is their sparkler set.

This combines products that can be used on both the nails and eyes for a matching glittery look.

 For the nails three different nail polishes in a black shot with a forest green tint, magenta and a bronze.

  Three glitter pots are included and each one can be used on both nails and eyes.

  A fine glitter in gold and in black and also gold glitter dots.

 After applying the second coat of polish nails can be dipped into your choice of glitter.

Dip in just the tips or coat all over for a full on glitter nail.

 The glitter dots can be picked out with tweezers and laid onto the nail bed.

 For the eyes apply the glitter sealing gel to the dry eyelid. You can then use the added sponge applicator to press the glitter or dots to the eyes.

The sealing gel  holds the glitter firmly and feels comfortable on the eye.

 The gel does have a slight blue glitter running through it which, although looks pretty I personally think it would be better if the gel was clear as the blue is a little contrasting with the gold or black glitter.

 You can of course build up more glitter so that the gel is totally concealed.

 Very easy to use but do it over a piece of paper so you can catch and reuse any glitter drop down.

 Priced at £16.00 and available from


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  1. real fancy, I like it! Perfect for the holiday

    xo Cassy


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