Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chanel Universelle Libre in Reverie (Limited)

If you like to use a powder to matte your skin down but don’t necessarily want a totally matte finish then check out Chanel Natural finish loose powder in Reverie which is limited edition for this Christmas season.
A sheer, fine powder that feels silky on the skin. Has a natural matte texture however the powder is infused with reflective pigments that show on the skin as tiny, fine glitter particles.
The colour of the powder would suit a porcelain or fair skin tone. If you want to use it just as a highlighter it may be suitable for a medium skin tone.Any darker skin tones it will start to look ashy and pale.
 The glitter is a combination of gold and silver but as it is so fine it shows up so beautifully soft.
Gives the skin a natural sparkle without looking too much for daytime. Doesn’t cake and keeps the skin matte and foundation set all day. Great staying power.
Use all over the face sparingly to avoid glitter overload or build up a little more on the higher parts of the face and décolletage for a more intense sparkle.
A massive shaker style pot of this powder will last you ages.
Priced at £34.00



  1. Is there anything like this but cheaper I love all the makeup you use but just can't afford it all! Xx

  2. I want to get chanel loose powder for me but I dont know what color to choose. Could you help me with a little color description for 20 clair, 30 nautrel and 25 peche clair. Which one is most universal? Thanks.


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