Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Aerin for Estee Lauder

Aerin in the center front

 As Estee Lauder’s granddaughter it was inevitable that Aerin Lauder would forge a career in the cosmetic industry.
Aerin began her career in 1992 and has held various roles including Senior Vice President and Creative Director.

 She currently holds the title of style and image director for Estee Lauder and through this has launched her own range within the brand.

 For this festive season Aerin has launched a holiday collection including an eye shadow palette, mini gloss and mini lipsticks.
 We were lucky enough to sample the gloss and lipsticks.
From left to right- Lolabird, Love, Dahlia, Winter rose
All four colours are moisturising with a glossy finish. Each product in the Aerin collection is infused with a floral scent.

You can tell from the packaging this is a Lauder brand although the casing doesn't feel as weighty and as expensive as a typical Estee Lauder product.
The colour pay off is good and although the colours do appear slightly less bold compared to how they look on the actual lipstick they do have a depth and can be layered to create a stronger colour.
The gloss finish means they won't stay on the lips as long as a matte lipstick would but basing the lips with either a primer or lip pencil would help longevity.

The gloss comes in a small square gold plated container and is nude beige in colour.
 There is a very fine fuchsia glitter running through it.
The gloss is very thick and glossy.
There is a mirror in the lid but no brush so apply with fingers or use a separate lip brush.
The lipsticks are £24 each and the gloss is £22

All are available from


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