Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Four Brilliant Primers

Primers are not a product that I always use, Often I need to alter or totally change my makeup but for times when I need my base to last all day then a good primer is a must.
We talk alot about primers and here are our latest favourites.

Diego Dalla Palma Universal Makeup Base

This weighty 30ml bottle is a white gel like emulsion.
It feels quite thick and takes a few moments to sink in.
It contains ingredients to help brighten the skin.
Although it is recommended for all skin types I personally think it sits nicely on a dry, dehydrated skin  as it feels quite creamy on the skin.
As this primer is slightly richer you could mix a little in with your current foundation.
I tested this primer under a flash and found the skin definitely looked brighter but it also made the skin look a little lighter. Be aware of this and adjust your make up accordingly.
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
I've heard a lot of buzz around this product so was keen to test.
In a 30ml tube this gel like primer feels like velvet on the skin.
Being oil free this primer is perfect for an oily or combination skin type.
It truly does feel extra matte with no residue.
I found it smoothed skin and was great as a base over my open pores, stopping my foundation from settling.
Under camera flash this primer performed fantasticly.
No flashback and skin looked silky smooth.This would be a great product for a bridal makeup.

M.A.C Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Primer
M.A.C offer a variety of primers however we have found their standard primers perform better on lighter skin tones but can seem a little ashy on medium to darker skin tones.
M.A.C have obviously realised this and have released a primer more suited to a darker skin.
A 50ml lightweight gold coloured emulsion this primer contains gold toned illuminating pearls to help brighten and warm a dull or ashy skin tone.
The product melts into the skin and works well on all skin types.
It does not have the glitter pigment either that I feel the M.A.C standard prep and prime has which makes it much better on camera.
This primer photographs nicely with no flashback.
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
For those who prefer mineral based products Hourglass have a primer to suit.
For an oily skin this is my absolute favourite. Although it does have a higher price point, if you have an oily skin that few products can cope with then it might be worth splashing out.
With a satin finish it is absorbed quickly and  skin feel immediately matte.
It continues to oil absorb throughout the day and helps blur pores and fine lines.
Another great attribute is that this primer is  absolutely water resistant making it the choice for outdoor wearing or during teary occasions!
Under camera flash skin looks radiant with no flashback despite containing titanium dioxide and SPF15.

We would love to hear what your favourite primers are.


  1. For mattifying primers for oily skin, I like the Illamasqua matte primer and the Rouge Bunny Rouge mattifying primer a lot!

  2. I really like Revlon PhotoReady primer!

    Gillian x


  3. I have an oily skin and no matter what primer I use it makes my foundation patchy and impossible to blend. I've tried using less, more, with a brush, with my hands, and it still happens! What am I doing wrong?! xxx

    1. Are you exfoliating and moisturizing your skin before application? I have oily skin and I find that my foundation goes on great after exfoliating. Cleanse-Exfoliate-Moisturize-Primer-Concealer-Foundation-Powder

      It's a lot in the morning but it keeps me looking great all day. Hope that helps!


    2. hiya, you need to be careful of primers geared towards oily skin, as some are very mattifying but do tend towards patchy foundation - i think its because they are TOO mattifying. A good one ive found is the Smashbox primer, but the one for oily skin is called Photo Finish Light. it smooths everything and the foundation goes on super smooth and yet still keeps me matte but with a slight sheen which is nice. but this is the only "oily" primer ive found that allows smooth foundation application, the others all seem to make the foundation patchy, almost like it sticks too much to the primer! good luck! x

  4. I love M.A.C Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Primer!

  5. Could you possibly review the Collection (2000) Primed and ready face primer? Its £5.98 and its the only primer I've ever used, I think it is a great primer and it definitely helps my make up stay on longer and keeps my skin from becoming too oily.
    I only starting using foundation primer a few months ago, and liked this product so much that I have not felt the need to invest in anything more expensive. I would love to know what you girls think of it.

  6. I used Hourglass' Mineral Primer for years, yet stopped because it caused such pronounced flashback. All photos of me wearing it made me look very flat and "white." Though I loved it's texture and performance (beyond photos), I switched to Hourglass' new Serum Primer which is very nice, and feels very good on my dry skin (plus it smells lovely). I also go back to Smashbox very often, as well as Laura Mercier's hydrating primer.

    Jennifer W

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    Alysa (your big fan here in the Philippines )

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  9. I am currently using the smashbox darkspot correcting primer and enjoying it but I def want to try new ones. Thank you for the ideas!

  10. I love your videos and this is something completely unrelated to the post above, although I do love the smashbox primer, I'm currently using the Ulta primer, and like it so far.

    I've noticed a much of my palettes have a bright vibrant yellow in them, and I always want to use them, but I'm not quite sure how to. Wearable or not, I'd love to see a tutorial!


  11. yes! Revelon PhotoReady Primer works like a charm for oily skin! Though I still set foundation with powder (MUFE's HD powder) to set. Makeup won't budge all day! :)

  12. yes! Revlon PhotoReady Primer works like a charm for oily skin! Afterwards, I set the makeup with MUFE's HD Powder and it won't budge all day! :)

  13. My skin has a reddish tone to it, especially working throughout the day. My makeup looks great right after I apply my foundation but while I'm at work, it gets redder and I flush very easily. I just tried MAC Neutralizing Primer, and I don't really have anything bad to say about it. It doesn't make my skin anymore oily and it STAYS neutralized all day. I've been spending more money on making my skin look better than buying eye shadows which are easy to splurge on.

    So, for the ladies with oily and reddish skin tones, MAC Neutralizer is great. :)


  14. Which primer would be good for dry skin that doesn't look matte, and also for super sensitive eyes? Any advice much appreciated!!

  15. I like 'Blot Out Offensive' by Nurturing Force. It works well with oily or combination skin. :)

  16. I just bought the Hourglass primer and am loving it!

  17. I really like Blot Out Offensive by Nurturing Force. This is a good primer for oily/combination skin.

  18. I really like Blot Out Offensive by Nurturing Force. It's suitable for oily/combination skin.

  19. I,ve never tried any of these, but I will definitely give the MAC one a go! :)


  20. The new Nivea Daily Essentials primer is actually really good for a smaller budget...I've had so many compliments on my make-up since I began using it so it can't be bad!


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