Tuesday, 6 November 2012

GlamGlow Mud mask

With advances in camera technology it's more important than ever to have flawless skin for those close up shots.
 Glamglow is a brand straight from Hollywood which prides itself on giving skin that camera ready soft glow finish.
 A two in one exfoliator this thick green clay contains Volcanic rock, French sea clay and Green tea leaf.
 These mineral rich ingredients help to resurface the skin, smooth, soften and add radiance.
 Impurities are absorbed without removing all of your skins natural oils.
 The added Chamomile helps to soothe and calm the skin also.

I massaged this mask all over face and decollete to exfoliate and then left on for 15 minutes.
 It dried off to a chalky white covering. Be sure not to leave it on after the 15 minutes otherwise it can feel extremely tight and uncomfortable.

Although not fragranced the natural ingredients have a strong scent which is not unpleasant.After looking through the ingredients I think it is the scent of Marigold that I can smell.

The results were exactly as stated.Super smooth skin that feels so soft.
My skin was a little pink afterward but I guess that's because of the active ingredients.

My skin is naturally combination but afterwards felt quite dry so I did have to slather on the moisturiser.
Priced at £22.50 for 15ml or £49.99 for 50ml it is definitely a more expensive luxury item.

This product is available in the US from http://www.glamglowmud.com and in the UK http://www.glamglowmud.co.uk





  1. You can also buy this from any M&S store that has the concept beauty department!


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