Thursday, 1 November 2012

Beauty'in Beauty Drink

We are what we eat and as a lover of naughty food I need all the help I can to get my 5 a day fruit and veg!
I often have a selection of sweets and cakes on my desk but today I had a beauty drink and beauty candy.
 This Brazilian brand claims that this drink combines vitamins and minerals, fruit and digestible collagen all blitzed into a refreshing liquid.
 The idea is that by frequently drinking this the body is boosted by essential nutrients and an improvement in health will be seen.
 The collagen it contains is called Hydrolyzed Collagen and whilst it is the body's natural protein it helps form the fibres which give skin its firmness and elasticity.

The main bottle contains the flavoured water whilst the cap holds the powdered active ingredient.
 After twisting the cap and pushing down the powder is released into the water.

These drinks come in eight flavours.Four are designed with beauty in mind and are targeted at anti ageing, strengthening hair and nails and supplementing the skin.
 A further four of the drinks are aimed well being and help to detox and boost your immune system.
They contain no sugar or preservatives and have 12 calories or fewer.

I tested B-Bright which is flavoured with Pear, Green tea and Coconut water and contains vitamin E, Calcium and the collagen I mentioned.

Results should be increased skin hydration and moisture.

It actually tasted quite nice and really refreshing although would taste better chilled as advised(not warm as I drank it). I can really taste the pear more than anything else.
 I would actually buy this but would prefer it if it was in a smaller measure as 340ml felt like a lot of hard work to get through.

I have only drank it the once so imagine I won't be seeing too many instant results but it can only be a positive addition to any ones diet.

Beauty Candy is also available for people who are more partial to eating these vitamins.
 As I am a real sweet addict I ate these little chewy sweets in 10 minutes flat (not a good idea due to the laxative effect it has on some people!!) but they are more designed to snack on as and when you need them.

You can get your hands on these products from Selfridges now or online at
The Beauty drink is £3.50 and the Candy is £2.50 for a small box or £8.50 for a large box.


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