Sunday, 4 November 2012

Alex Babsky Makeup Artist

Some people get starstruck by celebrities... not me, makeup artists are my A listers.
Back in the days of working the M.A.C Pro Store on Newburgh Street, I knew every single make-up artist that walked through that iron gated door. 
I knew the ones to avoid and the ones that I just wanted to serve in the hope that a little bit of their magical talent might transfer during the exchange of PPID Cards and eyeshadows. 
Of course none of them knew me, which is a great gauge of character... and also makes me sound like a mental stalker!
Alex Babsky is an exceptionally talented make-up artist and i'm pleased to say was always very lovely to me, the minion. 
I can't really tell you much more than that, a google search didn't throw up so much as a profile picture but you can see his amazing work below and more on the Frank Agency website or say 'Hi' to Alex on his Twitter page.

Last week Nicole Scherzinger appeared on X-factor in a dazzling black glitter, swarovski crystal combo. As expected, there was a deluge of requests on Twitter, Alex kindly sent me a full breakdown of how the look was created and the products he used and I tried to recreate the look to the best of my ability, I hope that you will like it. It's a great one for a christmas or new years party. Enjoy x

Best quality picture I could find, sorry.

Products used (products Alex used on Nicole are in red where different)

NARS Sheer Glow  (Armani Luminous Silk Foundation)
Anastasia BH Brow Wiz (MAC Stud Eyebrow Pencil)
Diego Della Palma - Eyebrow Fixer 12
MAC Wedge & Carbon (Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Camel)
Clarins Kajal Kohl (Givenchy Magic Kajal)

NYC Showtime Mascara
Shadow Shields
Stargazer Glitter (Kryolan Black Glitter & Ben Nye Glitter Glue)
Swarovski Crystals (Jet, Mocha & Light Gold)
Nadine GA Eylure Lashes
Illamasqua Opulent Lipgloss
Ben Nye French Roast Pencil (MAC Vino Pencil)
Avon Plum Seduction Lipstick (MAC Media Lipstick)
Shu Uemura Loose Powder


  1. That is an amazing tutorial!:)

  2. love the post!
    it's my dream to be a mua
    stop by for a look at my blog if you have time?


  3. Stunning! I'm a slight make up artist stalker myself!! To me they ate my idols/celebs!!! Gorgeous makeup as always!!! Love ur blog and utube Chanel!!

    Jenn xxx

  4. Love it stunning as usual !!! I see make up artists as my celebrities / idols too!!


  5. Sam,

    I am always amazed at your talent. WOW. You are so so nice. Cheers Sam ( Canada Sam)

  6. I am always amazed how talented you are. Wow!!!

    Have a good weekend!

    Sam ( Canadian Sam)

  7. Amazing look I have to say well done sam your're stunning like always XOXO

  8. Amazing look I have to say well done sam you look stunning like always Love u XOXO form KSA

  9. So gorge!

  10. I love, love, LOVE this look! So glittery and sparkling. Beautiful! <3

  11. The makeup was beautiful.
    I'm following. Very good posts *


  12. Always love your n your sis tutorial. Both of you are very talented. I learned so much from watching your and Nic's tutorial. Can't wait for the next one 😃
    Best regards from Singapore 😃👍

  13. Ah, I also like following makeup artists :) How sweet he sent you how he did it!

  14. love this sparkling look!!

  15. thank you very nice sharing

  16. thank you very nice sharing

  17. very nice sharing regarding beauty find out more how celebrities maintain her self and looking younger then her original age get complete beauty tips

  18. I think Nicole looked amazing on X-Factor, her look was so elegant. Thanks for putting that video up, Alex is clearly a very talented make-up artist and it was really interesting watching her create that look. Although, it looks great I don't think I'd be able to achieve anywhere near to that final result and as I'm not going on X Factor anytime soon, it's not too important. That is unless some talent scout overhears me singing on my Sing To The World karaoke machine!

  19. Love the look!


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