Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Pro Make up shop

 We all know that it's essential to have products in your kit to maintain hygiene.

Brush cleanser, anti-bacterial hand gel and sanitisers are not as exciting in your kit as a palette of beautiful eyeshadows but none the less just as important.

The Pro make up shop has an excellent array of products from sanitisers, disposable wands, empty palettes, adhesives and more.

The great thing about this store is that they sell a selection of different kits so you can purchase everything you need in one shop for a cheaper price. (see pic above)
The variety is amazing with every single shape of disposable mascara wand and we love that they also make eco friendly disposables with bamboo handles from sustainable resources.

Eco Bamboo handle applicators
I'll be honest, these products are not as cheap as you may think. You are looking at around £5.00 for a pack of 25 disposables. Brush Cleanser and sanitisers are obviously more but if it saves you from cross infection then we believe they are worth every penny.

New to the industry, professional or just a clean freak you must check these products out.


  1. Nice post!:)


  2. That would be pretty handy to have in a makeup kit.


  3. They might be a little privey, but they look so good it more than makes up for it!!



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