Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sleek Make-up Shangri-la Palettes

As you will know if you are a pixiwoo viewer we are big fans of Sleek palettes and their latest two palettes do not disappoint.

These palettes are a collaboration between london based fashion house PPQ and Sleek Make-up.
PPQ is a fashion house launched by Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker.
They are responsible for such trends as the drain pipe jeans and for dressing major music artists such as Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty.
The palettes are inspired by 60's motown and both are filled with 12 vibrant, high pigment powder eyeshadows.
We love the motown shade names for the colours too!

The Respect palette is a mixture of warm toned neutrals, plum and corals with a hot pink thrown in for good measure.
This palette is so versatile and even though you may feel slightly scared by the brighter tones these really do blend down to a softer hue if you mix them with the other more natural colours.
I even like to pop a little of the bright coral called Otis red on the apples of my cheeks.

The Supreme palette is great for people who prefer the more earthy tones of ochre and moss green through to the brighter aqua and greys.
Perfect for a sultry heroin chic stained eye.
Mainly matte but also a frosted white to highlight and lift.

 Both palettes are priced at £7.99 each.

To complete this 60's look go for the classic matte, opaque lip of the era. Think Dusty Springfield and Diana Ross.
Two colours available in a neon orange based red called Jazz that is so bright it actually hurts my eyes!
The second is a blue based baby pink called Soul.
Both are totally matte so ensure your lips are in tip top condition with no dry skin before application.
Both are super long lasting and slightly staining.
Deeply, Truly, Mattely glosses are £4.99 each

This palette and glosses are out now in all Superdrug stores nationwide and www.sleekmakeup.com


  1. Love!

  2. The supreme palette looks amazing! x

  3. I saw your tweet the other day and just had to go out and see them for myself, they look so beautiful I hardly want to use them! It won't be long before the urge takes over though! hehe! x

  4. Nice!:)


  5. I love this whole collection! Yet another win for Sleek. I have just done a whole post on these this morning with swatches on the skin and lips to demonstrate the pigmentation of these babies! I can't believe the price of these either, I really hope Sleek will always remain affordable as everything seems to be going up all the time...


  6. Ooh that Supreme palette is super cute!!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  7. Thank you pixiwoo for this discovery!!!It is awesome!
    Now look at mine please!!found it yesterday and I'm so excited:


    Maybelline Color Tattoo in PINK GOLD!!!

  8. I like Sleek palettes very much and have some of them. This two are on my shopping list now :-)

  9. the supreme palette looks like so much fun! i wish these were more avail. in my country! x


  10. WOW! I wish I could get these in the U.S.


  11. I´ve seen so many interesting products from Sleek (their blush palettes, omg!)...really makes me wish they would sell the products here in the U.S.!


  12. Love the respect palette! sleek palettes are always amazing x


  13. Love the look of the Respect pallette, great strong colours for winter!

  14. Stunning...I agree some of the brights are a little intimidating but I think Respect palette especially I could do a lot with over party season!


  15. Hi Nic, Sam,

    I love watching your tutorials and you are great role models for young girls.

    I think you have made a mistake by mentioning 'heroin chic' in this blog and feel that you are glamorising the use of drugs or could be labelled as such.

    You may want to remove this from your blog

    1. Hi
      I'm not glamorising it, Heroin chic is a well known trend look that describes the look you can create by using these tones of colours.x

  16. Love Sleek MakeUp!!

  17. Beautiful! Are the pallets limited edition??

  18. Love love Sleek palettes! Hope someone would sell this edition in our country!:)


  19. Those palettes are GORGEOUS!

    So sad Sleek isn't sold in the U.S.! :( Tried ordering some stuff but the palettes I really want to purchase can't be shipped to the U.S.?

    1. I am always surprised when I read the comments from Americans lamenting about not being able to get Sleek Cosmetics in the US

      There are several very good eBay sellers who charge the same price as the Sleek website and their postage charges are very reasonable.

      There is a whole world of makeup outside the US border, all you have to do is look for it :)


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