Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dior Grand Bal for Christmas

October is turning out to be mild and sunny here in the East of England so writing about Christmas collections feels too soon. 
Christmas is just over two months away though so I need to put my carols on, drink some mulled wine and get in the mood!

This year Dior's christmas theme is based around the idea of a 17th Century Grand Ball.
The packaging is an opulent antique gold that looks glamorous and luxurious.

 The 5 couleurs palette in Night Golds possibly has every colour you would need to create a bronze/gold smoky eye. 
All shades have a shimmer finish finish so not for a lover of matte textures.

The lightest highlight colour is a high frosted finish in a gold toned pearl.
Two mid-tone colours in a warm beige and brighter gold to contour and a strong glittery copper gold complete the bronze colours while in the center embellished with the Dior logo is a smoky dark brown that conatins the smallest particles of gold glitter.
This palette is so beautiful and each colour could be worn alone or blended with ease into each other.
This palette is £40.00

A Grand Ball wouldn't be complete without False lashes and for the first time Dior has created two sets of synthetic false lashes.
The set you can see here has tiny silver drops on the outer edge whilst the other set has gold Swarovski crystals.
These lashes will give a long length and subtle volume. The only downside I would say about these lashes is that if they need to be trimmed you would have to trim from the inside, otherwise you will cut the silver drops off.
Cutting from the inside means the lashes don't flow as nicely on the eyes as some of the gradient has been removed.
The lashes are £19.00

The nail varnish steps away from the normal Dior packaging and opts for a squat pot style with a gold lid.
We have the colours in a deep red called Marilyn or Diorling in a sheer wash of fine gold glitter.
Both need two coats to get the full intensity.
Nail Polish £20 each.
Lady(L)  Marilyn(R)

Fitting with the theme of the Polish bottles the lipstick casing is a gold rounded end with ribbed center.
Diorific Lipstick is available in six shades. We love these two vibrant reds in Marilyn (to match the nail varnish) and Lady.
Marilyn is a blue based glossy red while Lady is a deeper pillar box red.
Both are £25.00 

Other products featured in this collection include a powder, waterproof liner and gloss.

Dior Grand Bal is available exclusively from Selfridges 19th October 2012 and nationwide 2nd November 2012.
I'm thinking this will be a fast seller so if Cinderella wants to go to the ball then get in there fast!
For more info on Dior check their website on


  1. love the lipstick packaging!

  2. Lipstick!:D

  3. Those eyeshadow colours look beautiful! Very excited to see these :) x

  4. I love those lashes, and the packaging of the varnishes and lipsticks are so interesting and fannncy!

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. LOOOOOVE the neutral tones from Dior. Great find!

  6. I love Dior!


  7. Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!

    I hope my blog:

    If you want to follow me I'll be very happy! ♥ hugs..

  8. Want everything! Love Dior, wish I could buy more of this stuff. I guess I will be putting it on a few wish lists!

  9. Love the palette! Also the nail polish bottles are wonderful.


  10. Dior eyeshadows! oh how buttery and pigmented, I love them! :)

  11. Hello Nic and Sam! I absolutely love your tutorials on youtube and tips on products and make up. Actually, when I need to look my best I try to copy one of your looks (I just did that yesterday for a job interview :) ). That's why, when decided on my wedding's make up (that will take place in some months), I refused to have a make up professional and thought I could ask you for some advice (to be fair, I believe your the only professionals I trust... I had make up done several times but it never looked as good as when I try to follow your tutorials and advices).
    As I read your blog I found this pallette and wonder if it was the one that suited me better. I wanted to do a "terracotta from guerlain" look ( ... I'm brunette(you can see my photo here, if needed and my dress and veil are combined to look like an iberic princess. That's why I thought maybe this terracotta look would apply. Is the palette from Dior the best solution?
    And my nightmare: how to prep my face!! I watched nic's video on bridal make up to oily skin a couple of years ago, is it possible to do another with other products (not only MAC)? I tend to have oily skin, redness and open pores, and, where I live, weddings tend to be all day/night long with A LOT of photos. I am desperately in search of the best foundation that covers everything without being too oily or unconfortable. What do you think of Nude from Dior?
    Hope i'm not bothering you with all my doubts... Thank you very much for your help.

  12. Absolutely adore the eyeshadow!

  13. Hi

    I wanted to create your Kiera knightly smokey eye look from April 2011 and it doesn't look like mac do the shadows anymore. Would this Dior palette be a good option? If not what else would be good.



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