Monday, 24 September 2012

Nourish Skincare

 Nature and Nurture is the philosophy of British skincare brand Nourish.
They believe by using natural ingredients you can nurture the skin and optimise your skin's health around your lifestyle.

Choosing skincare can get very confusing so I really like that Nourish keep it simple by grouping their products under the four tabs of Protect, relax, balance and radiance.
Each line up contains a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and peptide serum.

Colour coded boxes help you identify your nurturing requirements.


















If you have stressed out, sensitive skin that often has allergic response to daily pollutants then head for the purple boxed line of Nourish relax.
 Stressed out skin is soothed with the usual suspects of lavender and omega rich oils.These act as an anti inflammitory and help balance out the skin.



















Yellow indicates a dry skin that is in need of extra moisture to repair areas of flaky dehydrated skin.
Packed full of citrus moisturising ingredients such as lemon, orange and mandarin skin is left hydrated and supple.




 Red is for radiance and would suit a 'normal' skin type which feels neither oily or dry but sometimes looks dull and fatigued.
Light reflecting Tonka bean and rose aid skins brightness whilst helping to bounce light off of dark circles.


For skin that can't decide if it's dry or oily then balancing green range will help.
Gentle enough so not to strip skin of it's precious oils but contains properties such as apple and jojoba to control sebum and restore the skins PH levels.

To compliment each range their is a peptide serum that fits in with each skin type.The serums are able to reach deeper layers of the skin to give skin the extra boost it needs to look as fabulous as nature intended.

Nourish is an affordable skincare range that focuses on using mostly organic, natural ingredients.Each product actually smells like the ingredients it lists.
 Hand creams and shower gels complete the range and with their gift sets starting at £45.00 these would be a perfect present for any skin care addict.

Checkout the individual prices and extra information on their website



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