Monday, 17 September 2012

Magnetic Lash

My lashes are pretty standard, boring blonde lashes so I enjoy trying out new lash enhancing products.
Magnetic Lash is a new instant lash lengthening mascara. In each box you will find a 12g tube of mascara in black and a curious looking 1g tube of lash builder.

The mascara is very nice. A thin, plastic bristle brush that separates the lashes nicely. The texture of the mascara is creamy and a rich jet black.
Containing Hyaluronic acid (sounds scary but this is produced naturally in the body to aid lubrication) and Vitamin E to nourish and condition.

Once you have applied your desired amount of mascara things get a bit exciting as you need to apply your Lash Builder.
The lash builder reminds me of black candy floss on a stick, the brush is packed full of tiny fibres which you gently brush over your mascara coated lashes.
The fibres cling to the lashes enhancing their length and volume.
Keep the fibres to the tips of the lashes and try not to bulk the base of the lashes too much.

Lastly apply another coat of the mascara to seal in the fibres.

For those with limited time and who don't like to faff about then this is not for you. For those who spend 5 minutes applying mascara and positioning every lash then you will love this product.

I was a bit dubious of the lash builder as I wear contact lenses so thought the fibres would irritate my eyes but there was no fall down or irritation.

The finished result was very long, dark dramatic lashes. Very separated and spidery. Great if you like this full on lash look that gives you the appearance of false lashes.
 I would wear this if I was going for a really dark smokey eye for the evening but probably wouldn't wear it on a daily basis.

You can get hold of Magnetic Lash for £24.99 form


  1. Migjt be worth trying i hate my lashes!:)

  2. Wow they it looks like such a good mascara, think I might have to go out and buy it myself!!

    Check out my beauty+fashion blog!! :)

  3. Sounds great! The idea of fibres freaks me out a bit for some reason though lol

  4. this sounds amazing, i really want to try it x

  5. Your lashes look fantastic! I love dramatic eyelashes to complete a makeup look!

  6. I didn´t know this brand and product so thanks for sharing!

  7. Can I find it anywhere in Australia ?!....:(


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