Monday, 10 September 2012

Favourites: Sleek Ultra Matte Palettes

We love Sleek for being an affordable brand that always manages to stay up to date with the trends in make-up. 
Famous for their 12 pan eyeshadow palettes used by make-up enthusiasts and make-up artists alike, their i-Divine Ultra Matte Palettes are amazing.
The Bright V1 and Dark V2 Ultra Matte Palettes both contain 12 eyeshadows each cased in their trademark super slim compact. These are undoubtably some of the best high street matte shadows we have used, if not the best. 
The benefit of matte shadow is that they photograph and enhance contours beautifully under harsh camera flash as well as natural light, they are also a little more forgiving on textured skin around the eye. Mattes can be a little tricker to blend but these shadows take little effort at all. The colours are extremely buildable and nicely pigmented too.
The sponge applicators included do pick up the colour well but I would ditch them in favour of a brush to make blending easier.

If you want to create a bold, vivid eye then opt for the bright palette.These colours are a solid pop of neon. Go all out and create a bright rainbow of colour on the eye or use them as a liner on the top or bottom lid to add a colourful edge.
The darks palette is just what you need for a smokey eye that has more intensity that a shimmery smokey eye.
Plums, blues, browns and bottle greens complement all eye colours and skin tones and the lighter creams and whites add a highlight without the frosted look of the 80's

Palettes are £6.49 each and available from

Check out these videos where Sam creates two different looks using the Dark Ultra Matte V2 Palette   


  1. I need to get my hands on these two palettes - I have hooded eyes so mattes work the best for me! xxx

  2. Gorgeous! I have the darks palette myself. I think they are such fantastic quality for the price. I'd like the bright pallette myself but I'm not sure that I am brave enough for some of those shades! Lovely post though :)


  3. Big Sleek fan..can't wait to get my hands on these..xx

  4. Love this brand and I NEED this palettes, they worth each peny! Follow you since day 1 km Youtube, you both are amazing, ladies ;) love your work! xo

  5. I actually recreated Nic's look using a sleek palette!:) It's the creative color blocking eye make-up tutorial:

    I really love Sleek Palettes. They are very pigmented and it really blends well:)
    Btw, I love you two! Been my favorite youtube gurus for the longest time now. More powers Nic and Sam!<3

  6. Hey girls! I love your videos and have watched tons. You always put concealer around the base of your nose, why is that? Your nose looks just fine, but I'm sure you have a good reason for doing so.

    Also, how long do you recommend you keep your eyeshadows before you throw them out? Do they have a shelf life or do you really just wait to hit pan? Thanks so much!

    With love from Texas,

  7. I love the colors of the palettes, i love the makeup too !!

  8. mattes are the best color for everyday! would love to own this palette...

  9. I'm in love with Sleek eyeshadow palettes,love their smooth velvety texture and great pigmentation and the pocket friendly price is a sheer delight,I've been lemming for the V2 matte palette which is sadly out of stock at the moment.thanks for sharing the two wonderful looks gave me tons o ideas on how to use my sleek palettes :D

  10. I love these two palette, I was so glad they did a couple of matte eyeshadow palettes, I´ve got them both and I am so happy with them! thanks for sharing!

  11. oooohh!! LOVE these palettes! Need to get my hands on them! xx

  12. I LOVE these palettes! I definitely need to get my hands on a few. :) x

  13. These palettes are gorgeous! I need to find an excuse to expand my already ridiculous eyeshadow collection...

  14. I need that matte dark palette so bad aahh :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  15. I love sleek palettes but somehow these don't excite me that much. Maybe the colours aren't my thing.


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