Thursday, 23 August 2012

Selfridges Beauty Box

Selfridges department store here in the UK is the epitome of all things British.
 Established in 1909 By Harry Gordon Selfridge it is the first port of call when visiting London, Manchester or Birmingham for your shopping spree.

This summer Selfridges have launched their new concept called 'The beauty workshop'.
They have created a specially designed space within Selfridges where you can go to view the latest in beauty trends and products from around the world.
 To honour this they have this week (20th August) launched their very own Beauty box to showcase a sneaky peak into what you can expect from the beauty workshop.
 The box is available from and is a snip at £15 (The individual purchase price would be £200!!)

This box is amazing for skin fanatics as it is packed full of skin and hair boosting serums and masks that will leave you positively glowing.

Here is a little preview of some of our favourite products within the box.


I really liked this colour correcter from Stila.
I had never seen a product before that contains a triple swirl of colour correcting green, lavender and peach all encased in a serum that helps with lines and pores whilst hydrating.
I applied this after my normal moisturiser but under my foundation.
On one pump all three colour correcters are swirled out and when massaged into the skin the instantly brighten whilst evening out any redness.
A real one stop product for people with an uneven skin.

Antipodes is a New Zealand based line of skin care that only uses the finest botanical ingredients.
Their organic Avocado oil and Rosehip face oil is a great  remedy for a tired or sun damaged skin.
I used it before bedtime by massaging it into my face and neck. It instantly plumps up the skin and the next morning my skin felt super soft, radiant and like I had drunk 10 litres of water!
This product really does have some naturally powerful ingredients includingVitamin A,B1,B2,D,E as well as Omega 3 and 9 all captured in Rosehip oil which has huge properties of vitamin C and fatty acids.
I think you will agree this is a definite essential in any womans arsenal of products.


We have spoken about Omorovicza products before on our blog and as a real luxury high end brand it's a lovely treat to find their deep cleansing mask included.
 Packed with Calcium enriched mud and oil absorbing white clay this thick mask spreads easily and tingles on application.
Drying time is fast and it dries off almost clear.
After 20 minutes wash off and you are left with squeaky clean, nourished skin that feels simply amazing.

Also included in our box was Philip B hair masque for revitalising lack lustre hair, Estelle and thild organic lip balm which is non tacky, clear and has the subtle scent of raspberry.
Two more serums were included which were Aesop Parsley seed anti oxidant serum.This serum is perfect for those who suffer patchy skin due to dehydration.
Icelandic brand Bio effect EGF(Epidermal growth factor) serum in 5ml was also in the beauty box.This state of the art serum contains ingredients that actually encourage the skin to repair its own cells.Perfect for an aging skin or for someone who's skin is in need of repair.

There wasn't one red herring in this box and the quality of the products available is simply amazing considering the price of £15.00

These boxes are now sold out but you can still get the products featured online and from Selfridges Beauty Workshop



  1. I can't find it anywhere :/ seemed too good to be true! :(

  2. I'm loving the Stila swirl products! They have that with a highlighter too and am drying to try it!

    Joanna|The Treasure Chest

  3. Looks great! Some great products and brands in there- I love a 'try before you buy'! x

  4. Do you know when they will be available online.. or am i being an idiot for not being able to see it :)


    caroline xxx

  5. Am i being an idiot?? .. i can't see this anywhere on the selfridges website :(

    thanks xxx

  6. Oooh, heard so much about this! Hoping they release some more as I'm pretty sure these have sold out xx

  7. This looks so amazing! What a luxurious treat, I want one right now lol!

  8. I can't see it on their website?

  9. It sold out on the day, first thing - mega sad face!

  10. This was only on sale for one day (21.08.12) and there were only 200 boxes available.

    Thanks for the information though

  11. Sorry guys this has now sold out but you can still purchase these products online and from Selfridges new Beauty Workshop.x

  12. Stila has been my main go-to brand for 12 years now. I know that they just recently reentered the European market. I would love to see you do a tutorial with their cosmetics. :)

  13. These look amazing, what a bummer they've sold out already! X

  14. Selfridges also has a store in Edinburgh :D

  15. Thanks for posting this! I am going to London in 2 weeks and I am going to make sure to stop by Selfridges <3

  16. This Magic box is amazing. The colour correcter from Stila has really surprised me. Its triple swirl looks appealing. Sure to add this in my shopping list.

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  17. This Magic box is amazing. The colour correcter from Stila has really surprised me. Its triple swirl looks appealing. Sure to add this in my shopping list.
    buy human hair extensions

  18. This looks incredible!! They should set up a permanent beauty box!

  19. Almay makes a primer with green and lavender shades for correction and looks like this in concept, like the Stila.

  20. I wish i had a selfridges near by, it stocks brands it's hard to get in other places! need more selfridges stores over the uk!!

  21. I would love to see you use the Stila product in a tutorial. I have redness in my skin and I'm always looking for something to even it out!

  22. Its about time we got a Selfridges in Liverpool :( we've got a Harvey Nichs now so obviously there's the market for it, sort it out Selfridges!

  23. Haha Omorovicza is a hungarian brand, and I'm from Hungary. Funny to finally see my own language on something you post :D

  24. I like the color of this box its looks so beautiful.
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