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Drugstore Cosmetics

With high end brands dominating the cosmetic market, drugstore brands often get pushed to one side and considered not as good.
 We decided to go on a shopping spree and test some of the UK's cheaper brands to see how they matched up to the more luxurious competitors.

We shopped in Superdrug and Primark for all these goodies with the prices ranging from 0.99p up to a maximum of £9.99.
 We played with a few different brands and thought we would share the hero and the zero products from each brand.

Accessorize Cosmetics

The packaging for this brand is achingly pretty. As with everything at the moment there were pieces printed with the Union flag.
 We actually quite liked the baked mineralize eyeshadows (£3.95).They look beautiful and visually are similar to MAC's Heavenly Creatures eyeshadow collection.
 Colour payoff is good with a two toned metallic finish. There is a frosted glitter effect running through them also. Colours blend easily but be careful not to over blend otherwise your left with little colour!
 The mascaras we were not so fond of. The flutter Curl mascara (£4.95) was so dry and flaked off on application. The other mascaras we found to be much wetter and of a better quality although when building layers it began to clump.

Collection (Formerly Collection 2000)

You may already know, we are big fans of the Lasting Perfection Concealer (£3.99). It's creamy, good for a dry skin and blends easily.
 The gel liners (£3.99) are also fabulous. They are the perfect texture, neither too dry or too wet and if you use a thin liner brush you can achieve a nice line that dries very quickly and lasts the day.
 The lip glosses looked vibrant in the packaging but were much more sheer upon application. They do smell incredible though!

MUA Academy

The BB cream (£4.00) from MUA has more coverage than any other BB cream we have tried. Very creamy and great for those with dry skin, that tend to find suitable drugstore foundations hard to come by.
 The eyeshadows are absolutely amazing quality for the price. The trio of eyeshadows (£2.50) in the centre of the picture called Innocence is an exact dupe for MAC club eyeshadow!
 These blended well, colour payoff was excellent and they lasted well on the skin. 

Beauty UK

These lipsticks (£3.49) come in quite a small selection of colours but they give a really opaque creamy finish and smell incredible. The brighter colours are vibrant and if you like a really pale nude lip that almost represents a concealed lip look then you would love the paler shades.
 Beware though these colours are not very forgiving on a dry or cracked lip.


 The tinted moisturiser (£9.99) felt light, creamy and gave a radiance to the skin. Again this is suitable for dry skin but may feel a little greasy on oily skin.
The cheek and lip tint (£6.50) is split into two colours of nude beige and soft coral. Designed obviously, to be used on both cheeks and lips however on the cheeks it felt a lot like lip balm on your face!
 It disturbs the make up underneath when you blend it in and never really dries so it constantly feels tacky. The colour payoff is very sheer also so you can't really distinguish between the two different colours.
Nice and moisturising for the lips though.

Our overall conclusion is that there are some really great little gems from drugstore brands but you absolutely must test them before you buy to rule out the not so great products.
We know how over priced some premium brands are but generally they do perform much better and  in the long run it pays as your product will last longer on the skin, generally be made from nicer ingredients and you won't need to use quite as much products, of which there are many.
 It's really awesome that it's possible to buy a lipgloss for £1.00 but I do wonder of the quality of ingredients put into these products for companies to be able to produce and sell them so cheaply.

This is just our own opinion though and we would love to hear of any great products you have found at a bargain price that rivals a premium brand.

Check out our drug store haul tutorial below for more on our opinions.



  1. I love Collection (2000)'s Metallic Cream Eyeshadows - I have 3 shades and I will absolutely be buying more. They cost £2.99 each and I swear they DO NOT crease! I wore the Gold shade all day (15 hours) on holiday when temperatures were about 24 degrees C... So well worth the money.

    I also adore Rimmel's Wake me Up concealer. I struggle with my dark circles and this stuff stays put and keeps them covered (mostly) all day.

    And I also really like The Balm cosmetics Mary-Lou Maniser. It's pretty affordable and gives a lovely highlight to the skin. And it's not got too much shimmer so looks quite natural.

    1. I love the metallic cream shadows too! I thought i was the only one! LOL

  2. auuugh i absolutely LOVE collection 2000 concealer, so unexpected as well! i talked about it in my 1st ever vlofg if you want to see?

    i deffo want to try their gel liner too, i'm usually such a make-up snob so this is such a great little brand to try and save the pennies! x

  3. I do love a bit of a drugstore buy..I swear by Sleek blushes especially! Just lovely :)


  4. Oooh, must try out the MUA BB Cream - plus I won't be too gutted if it doesn't work for me at only £4!


  5. I love MUA, such a great brand for the price x

  6. I have to say that I love Mememe brand, they have amazing products, thanks for sharing! take care

  7. Make-Up Academy has an single pearl eyeshadow which is simlar to Club. It's Shade 12. Theire blushers aren't too bad either.

    Maybelline's colour tattoos are really good when you find the right one. The shade Permanent Taupe (UK) / Tough As Taupe (US) is great as an eyeshadow base or on it's own for a wash of colour.

    Soap & Glory have some little gems especially their eyebrow shaper & highlighter and their concealer pot.

    Barry M cannot be beaten on nail polish for price and colour variety.

    GOSH do some really wonderful lip stain pens and eyebrow pens.

  8. Very interesting post and I do appreciate the expert opinions offered here, especially in terms of quality since I so rarely get the chance to try the luxurious end of products (Tom Ford and Burberry, I'm looking at you!).

    However, I am rather skeptical that higher end products cost that much more to produce than drug store counterparts. A lot of the money would go into the packaging and marketing as opposed to the ingredients and it's clear that the big brands always make a hefty profit on cosmetics anyway.

    I admit that better/natural ingredients (though that's not mutually exclusive) tend to find their way on the back of expensive cosmetic boxes because they are nicer on the skin. However, I'm currently reading the back of my MAC lusture lipstick that costs around £12 and KIKO's €2.50 boxes. Both lists are comparable, with castor seed oil as the first on the list, and things like beeswax also featuring.

    At the end of the day, I think you're right that testing a product is essential prior to purchase. That, or reading the numerous beauty blogs floating around!

  9. I've never heard of these brand, but i must try these products for my dry and sensitive skin...
    Skin Repair

  10. We have limited access to these products here in Hungary. But my favourites are the Rimmel nail polishes and Sexy Curves mascara.


  11. Dear pixie sisters,
    I adore the makeup in this video, I think it would be fantastic if you did a tutorial of this look but with higher end products.
    Could you please tell me a higher-end equivalent of the lipstick shade you are wearing? Thank you!

  12. I love Collection (2000) concealer! I think they're a bargain, and really good!


  13. The Collection Primed and Ready Primer is far and away the best primer I've ever used. It kills me that I can't get it here in Australia!

  14. I love the No 17 eyeshadows and the Revlon lipsticks especially!

  15. In the US here. I buy lots of drug store brands when they are "clearance" priced. And we have coupons for many drug store brands. Do you have those in UK? When I find a clearance price--sometimes 75% off and then combine with a coupon I can try out these cheaper brands for almost nothing. I have found a red lipstick from Rimmel combined with a red pencil from Avon to be one of the best red lips for me and is a great dupe for the long wear lipsticks from Lancome. Revlon HIP eyeshadows and gel liners are in great colors and perform well--all day wear.
    Thanks for the blog and videos. Love them!

  16. Nic and Sam, I just discovered your youtube tutorials and I just love them, I have been spending way too much time now going thru them all!.... Anyway, I am in the states and was hoping you could do a review of Sonia Kashuk's line from TARGET - especially her foundations and powders. Thanks - Moriah.

  17. How I wish I could go to the drug store with my sister and buy a passive amount of products to indulge upon!

  18. The collection 2000 concealer is a must!


  19. My skin is dry and sensitive and i must buy your products for my own use. Thanks for the post...
    Coffee beauty tips

  20. I am thinking...i should move to the UK, it is impossible to find any of those products in a drugstore in Switzerland!I hate this!!!I wanna...

  21. I think i should move to the UK, I have no chance finding any of those products in a drugstore in Switzerland!I hate this...i am dissaponted:(

  22. I am thinking...i should move to the UK, it is impossible to find any of those products in a drugstore in Switzerland!I hate this!!!I wanna...

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