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Cream Eyeshadows

Cream eye shadows generally have a bit of a reputation as being the less effective, greasy, creasing sisters of the powder eyeshadow. Feared by those with oily skin or by people with fine lines around the eyes.
Over the last 5 years we have seen a real boom of cream eye shadows and such a massive improvement in the textures and finish.

Cream eye shadows are great for people who are short of time, have no brushes or who are not a fan of powder 'drop down'.
You can create a quick seamlessly blended look even using you fingers and due to the creamy texture colours blend into each other with little effort.

They are also perfect to use as a base for powder eye shadows to help the longevity of the eyeshadow.
Use a cream in a dark colour as a base under your smoky eye and you will be amazed how much more vibrant the layered eye shadows become and how they will last so much longer.

We have compiled a list of a few of our favourites here at Pixiwoo for you to check out.

Laura Mercier 

Metallic Creme Eye colour

These 8.5g tubes available in 5 colours £18.50 each are great if you like a more metallic sheen to your creme eye shadow. These are all waterproof and glide onto the skin with little effort. The drying time is not too quick which enables you to blend easily.
You can layer the creme colours on top of each other for added density, use on their own or use under powder eye shadow.


Paint pots

M.A.C paint pots come in a mixture of satin, matte, pearl and cream textures with a wide variety of colours ranging from nude to black.
Colour pay off is strong so you can wear them on their own but we love wearing these under a powder eye shadow.
The colour Painterly is a particular great flesh toned colour that sits well on a pale skin tone and evens out any redness in the lid.
A 5g pot is £14.50 and they last months. Just make sure you do the lid up tightly as with any cream product they can dry out if air gets to them for long periods of time.

Tom Ford

Cream colour for eyes

These cream shadows are a real luxurious product at the high end price point of £28.
They are whipped into a 6g glass pot and provide a sheer veil of metallic colour to the eye.
They feel very cooling to the eye and blend very easily.
All the colours available have a shimmer so if your a fan of matte then these may not be the brand for you.
We particularly like the colour Platinum which is a soft silvery brown. This colour looks beautiful on its own or as a base for a bronze smoky eye.

MeMeMe Cosmetics

Dew Pots

MeMeMe cosmetics are an affordable brand whose cream eyeshadows are £7.25 for 3ml.
All the colours have a more metallic finish to them and a sheer veil of colour.
Eleven different shades that are easy to use, quick drying these are a good alternative to one of the more expensive brands although colour pay off is not as strong.
This brand is good at keeping up with the times as they bring out limited edition colours frequently.

Have fun layering on these different textures and please share with us if you have any favourite products or colours

Post written by @pixiwooHQ 
Disclaimer: Some of these products may be tested on animals. Please research before purchasing.


  1. Not tried many cream eye shadows as was put off by the purple Colour Tattoo - blotchy, smudgy and horrid. I have since read that the other colours are fantastic, so may use this article as a kick-start to try again!

    1. The other colors really are better. Purples are difficult. I don't think the other ones drag as much, and they're much more pigmented.

  2. You have created in me a real desire about Tom Ford's ones... you are devil to me :-)

  3. Just to add - Bobbi Brown also has a great variety of cream shadows that are metallic, shimmery, or matte. They are a true long wear formula, and are great to wear alone or combine with other cream shadows or powder. Just thought I'd throw that out there :)

  4. I love cream eyeshadows as they are a quick way of doing eye make up in a rush and the the maybelline colour tattoos are amazing-they are long wearing, do not crease and have great colour range! Thanks for the post!

  5. I miss MUFE aqua shadows in this post, I think it's an amazing product

  6. need to get some of these products, they look really good!

    check out my beauty and fashion blog :)

  7. I really like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's as well, very affordable and they do an amazing job! MAC's paint pots are also definitely a staple item.

  8. The maybelline 24hr colour tattoo are amazing!

  9. I love the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye colour. It's easy, comfortable and pretty

  10. Laura Mercier
    Metallic Creme Eye colour
    --love it. Pretty, easy, comfortable

  11. didn't maybelline do some cream eyeshadows a la Mac paintpots? That's an affordable solution as well.

  12. Love the fact that you've included a high street one too because I love cream shadows but it's hard to get good ones on the high street!

  13. Do you use a special brush to put cream eye shadows on or just your fingers?

  14. Do you use a special type of brush to apply cream shadow or just your fingers?

  15. I love cream eyeshadows my fave is painterly, paint pot by MAC, I use it as a base

  16. I'm still looking for affordable cream e/s suited to oily lids. I tried the Me Me Me pots, but they creased almost immediately and looked awful, even with a tiny amount :(

  17. Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Eye Colour in Burnished Copper has been on my makeup wishlist for a while now. You're absolutely right about cream eyeshadows, they're so much more convienient than powder formulations. You literally just swipe n' go!
    Great post, love your blog xx

  18. I am so curious to try Tom Ford, I'm not sure we have those products in Canada though. A huge part of me wants to travel to see all the beautiful places, and then this strange part of me wants to travel to try the products in other countries. lol. How sick is that? Thank you for the post!!

  19. I love creme eyeshadows and Shiseido hydrabase ones being my favourite ! Of all the brands I have these wear perfect from morning till night no creasing ! They are being d/c which is really :-(

  20. I love creme eyeshadows and Shiseido hydrabase ones being my favourite ! Of all the brands I have these wear perfect from morning till night no creasing ! They are being d/c which is really :-(

  21. Hi Sam,
    I agree with the others that the Color Tatoos are great (the on and on bronze is a must have!).
    But I would have to disagree with Stephanie Nelson, I tried the Bobby Brown metallic cream shadow and was very disappointed by how dry and flaky they became through the day, my eyelids became full of makeup dandruffs with a lot of products ending up on my glasses... (nice!). Since those are quite expensive, I thought this might be useful to others!!
    Have a great day,

  22. My favorites are the Maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze and the MAC paints. I've tried the MAC paint pots and they are a miss for me. I don't have oily lids, but the paint pots crease like crazy. I also like the MUFE aqua shadows. However, I need to use a lid primer with it.

    Looking at the Tom Ford color shown, it looks a lot like the maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze. If it is, that would be a great affordable dupe.

  23. hi sam, i remember watching one of your tutorials where you used the laura mercier one in the colour alloy. laura mercier has recently opened up several stores in hong kong and i realllyyyy wanted to buy that colour, but the lady there told me that they discontinued the whole line?! is there a good dupe that you may suggest??

    thanks :)
    ps- im a biiiig fan <3 <3

    love, claire


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