Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Concoction Hair Care

We tailor our skincare to our specific needs so why not do the same with our haircare.We were informed of a brand called Concoction which do exactly this.
Concoction offers a made-to-measure blend of ingredients that you can pick and choose from to suit your hair requirements. Each batch is personally made by Concoctions mixologists depending on your specification.
 Products are packed full of hair loving vitamins and minerals and are silicone and paraben free.

Nic's Shampoo 
Nic opted for the Bakhour shampoo which is a woody blend of arabian spices, with a hint of sandalwood, ambergris and musk.She added a supershot of beautiful brunette super serum to give radiance and shine.
Nic really loved this Shampoo and especially liked that it lathered up well.
 She could smell the scent on her hair all day and found it really moisturising.

Sam's Shampoo  
Sam used the Black Pepper citrus fragrance which is a warm scented,slightly spicy fragranced shampoo with a shot of turn up the volume superserum.
Sam also really loved the scent of this shampoo and liked the high shine it gave her hair.

Stacey's Shampoo
My hair although naturally blonde it is highlighted and therefore it can be quite dry at the ends.
I went for Lemon Verbena fragrance which is a fresh smelling combination of zesty lemon citrus and verbena.
 I added a shot of gimme more moisture superserum to help nourish and eliminate frizz.
 This shampoo felt tingly on application and lathered nicely.My hair felt squeaky clean and smooth.

We all really liked the fact that you can customise your own products to suit your needs and we were all happy with how the shampoo performed.
We did find however that because we all have quite dry, heavy hair which needs an intensive conditioner it was hard to tell if the finished results to the look and feel of our hair was due to the shampoo or our individual conditioners that we already use.
 We would love it if concoctions also did a conditioner to get the full treatment.

You can order your concoction shampoo direct from their website which is http://www.concoction.me.
The 250ml bottles are £12.50 which includes two shots of super serum as well.



  1. I love the idea of this, but might hold out until they bring out a customised conditioner as well! Seems a bit silly that they didn't bring out customised conditioners as well!


  2. This sounds great, I really need a shampoo which suits my hair type!

  3. The idea of picking your own scent and personalizing your shampoo based on your hair's needs is brilliant, but I don't like that they don't have ingredient information readily available. Are the shampoos sulfate-free and colour safe? They don't really have an FAQ about that sort of thing on their website.
    Love the idea, but it still needs some polish...and I agree, conditioner...haha


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