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Olympic inspired world beauty secrets

I love nothing more than to travel around the world and with the Olympics starting here in the UK soon I began to think about beauty regimes and tips from all of the beautiful countries around the world.
 I have been reading up on the weird and wonderful global beauty secrets and thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.
 The common factor seems to be products derived directly from nature and most are in expensive too.


Making a face mask containing Tumeric, gram flour and milk for an oily skin or cream for a dry skin.Mix into a paste apply and leave on skin for half an hour.This is said to help moisturise and tighten the skin.



 Get the skin of those Brazilian volleyball players by mixing sand with oil and using all over the body to exfoliate and increase circulation.



To get smooth, glowing radiant skin Ethiopians massage the whole body with natural honey before washing off.



To get a mirror shine to the hair make up a hair rinse of Rosemary and Green tea.This will remove toxins and impurities add shine and leave your hair smelling beautiful.





To help with dark circles, puffiness and pigmentation around the eyes Spanish women are said to use raw potato slices over the eyes for 10 minutes.




In Japan they use Carnellia Oil on the hair as it helps to strengthen, build elasticity and soothe a dry scalp.Also helps to repair damaged or brittle hair.




In Italy to help dry, rough skin on the lips they massage the whole lip area in oilve oil.This nourishes and is deeply moisturising.


Grecian beauties use natural yoghurt on areas of the skin that are inflamed, red or sun burnt.It instantly cools, soothes and moisturises.



Aboriginal women use Yarrow extract on their skin to prevent stretch marks and to act as an anti inflammatory on the skin.



In chile they create a paste from red grapes and add 2tsp of white four.Leave on the skin for 10 minutes to revive lack lustre skin and give a radiant glow.



In Sweden they recommend boiling mineral water and green tea and then freezing into ice cubes.Use these ice cubes daily as a toner by massaging gently over the face for a few seconds, pat dry and then add regular moisturiser.


Dominican Republic

For strong healthy nails add a chopped garlic clove to clear nail varnish.Leave to stew for a week and then paint the nails.Apparently the scent disappears! Nails will be left super strong.



Mix a paste of Rock Sea salt and Lavender oil and massage all over the body for an extreme body exfoliation.



Mexican woman create a paste of sugar and lemon juice to massage all over the hands.
This removes hard skin and the lemon juice helps to lighten dark spots on the skin. Ensure you have no cuts on the hands first though to avoid stinging!



 Bathing in Tamarind oil leaves the skin with a subtle shimmer all day whilst lightening dark spots and being an intense moisturiser for the skin.

I loved reading through these treatments and we would love to hear of your special secret beauty treatments from your country.



  1. those are amazing tips!

  2. ooh some of these sound super interesting ! ill have to try some out ! they don't sound too demanding or difficult either, great post!

  3. Nice!! I am from Spain and yes! my mom used to do the potato thing!! nice! lol! take care

  4. I'm from Italy and I can say that olive oil is multi-tasking ! You can massage your hands and nails with a tablespoon of oil and lemon juice, then wear cotton gloves and wait 30 mins/ 1 hr / the whole night..
    Super soft hands and cuticles!! :)

  5. Hi Pixiwoos!

    (I'm Australian.)

    I'm not sure about the yarrow extract and its use by Aboriginal Australian women. Mostly because it's not a native Australian plant. It's mostly found in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere (e.g. New Mexico) and therefore unlikely to have been used by Aboriginal women.

    However, one Australian beauty/skin care product however is Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment. Perfect for sunburnt/windburnt/dry lips and skin. (Also nappy rash, dermatitis and eczema.)

    (And sunscreen, lots and lots of sunscreen!)


  6. Hey you guys
    I know it sounds silly but I was really glad to see the Israeli flag in this post (we are probobly the least popular country in the middle east..well, apart from Iran I think..).
    I love you guys and have been watching you for almost 2 years now, I've learned alot.
    So glad to see that you don't hate my country :-) lol.

    have a great weekend, Anna.

  7. Thank you for these!
    I'm definitely going to try quite a few.

  8. My family are from India and as a tradition girls make the mask out of turmeric and apply it the day before they get married to make sure their face is glowing and looking good for the wedding. I've seen so many girls use it when i've been back home to India.

  9. Wow this post was so much fun & yes You are bang On about the Indian traditional face pack recipe it's called 'Ubtan' in Hindi and is a must in any bridal beauty ritual :)

  10. thanks for the awesome tips!!!

    Trends I LOVE
    How to:heatless curls

    I really appreciate your feedbacks :)

  11. Some of these tips sound so great! I'm definitely going to have to look into some of these as they sound like they might be great budget skincare tips - awesome!


  12. how cool is this, Imma google right now where I can get Tamarind oil! : D x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

  13. What a fantastic post! I'm loving all these amazing tips and will definitely try the olive oil thing tonight. My lips have been crazy dry lately!

  14. These sound lovely, I guess the USA didn't make the cut!

  15. Love the tips, the indian one is so true! i always apply a tumeric facemask 3 times a week - it gives the skin such a healthy glow :) x

  16. wow this is such an interesting post! thanks!

  17. A warning about that first one with tumeric - don't do that if you have fair skin! It will dye your skin faintly yellow for a a day or two, so it's really only suitable for those with tan or olive complexions :D
    (otherwise a very effective mask though, makes your skin super soft!)

  18. Heya.... I am from India and the tip is absolutely true... if u ll add Honey your skin will glow... There are many such home made masks for skin and hair which if used regularly are very beneficial... and if you follow Proper Ayurveda Treatments the Results are even better .. Its all made of inexpensive stuff..

    Great post.. love all the remedies.!!!

  19. Hey.. I am from India and the tip here is absolutely true.. when i don't find good face-wash i end up using this one and also add little honey for a natural glow to the skin and yes if you add yogurt instead of milk it will help you lighten the facial hair if used regularly...

    Thanks for sharing this post all the tips are really amazing...

  20. that was fun to read i didnt believe to some of those epecially the spain one seemed weird to me and yet Silvia wrote that she knows it:) im from czech republic and my mom used to put slices of fridge cooled cucumber as a face "mask" to hydrate and refresh skin:)

  21. Be a bit careful with turmeric though - it stains the skin!

  22. That is so interesting. I am Indian and everyone in my family applies turmeric , gram flour and milk paste.
    yoghurt and honey works really well too.

    And I can imagine why women in Spain use potato, it has natural bleaching effect. So does tomato and lemon.

    Thanks for posting this, I picked up some really helpful tips.

  23. Im from india. The turneric stains so be careful..but its a fav and used to beautify indian brides :)


  24. I love this post! I'm going to try some of them!

  25. Bangladesh: Adding henna to the hair to strenthen and nourish it!

  26. Thanks a lot for this post! What a good idea!

    I already tried the garlic in nail polish but the smell didn't dissappear. It was lighter the day following application, but still remained.

  27. Aww I remember my mum making the turmeric & garam flour paste when I was younger :) she swore by it. Lovley post :)

  28. I LOVE making my own face masks at home. I get really great results from them! The best I've tried is just one I whip up from colloidal oatmeal (oatmeal flour), with a touch of warm water to form a thick oatmeal paste and organic honey (Manuka, if you can get it!!!). It brings down zits if I have them, calms irritations, tightens and moisturizes. It's amazing! I've tried masks with Tumeric before but never like the one from India. Really want to try that now!

  29. Really amazing tips
    gonna try some!

    Trends I Love
    Easy Heatless Curls
    I appreciate your feedbacks :)

  30. Also using vinegar after washing your hair leaves it very shiny! (one part water and three parts vinegar) leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse

  31. Really interesting and fun! Would love to know more about this too :p

  32. Really interesting and fun! Would love to know more about this ;p

  33. Love the tips I am dying to try them all out now :) Laura x

  34. Massage Jasmine hair oil into the hair. Leave for an hour or overnight if possible. Then wash your hair. Hair will be left supersoft and frizz tamed aswell!

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  36. I was very excited to see my Dominican flag on this post, I saw the opening ceremony today and I guess I'm feeling a bit patriotic...great post overall

  37. What a great post!!! really interesting to read this!!

  38. I love this blog post! It’s funny how most countries have distinctive beauty features, and these tips point them out so awesomely, being part Italian, I’ve many times put olive oil on my lips haha! Might just try a few more of these... who doesn’t want the incredible Thai hair!

  39. I went straight to the Mexico part (that's right, I'm mexican) to see how accurate this post was (not that I don't trust you) and OMG! did I get happy to see that in fact we do do that! I exfoliate with the sugar/lemon every week and my skin is so soft. My, my, my, I love you more than yesterday hahaha

  40. I went straight to the Mexico part (that's right, I'm mexican) to see how accurate this post was (not that I don't trust you) and OMG! did I get happy to see that in fact we do do that! I exfoliate with the sugar/lemon every week and my skin is so soft. My, my, my, I love you more than yesterday hahaha

  41. Great! I am from Mexico and that scrub works! But you need limes, green mexican limes. The smell is amazing also but be sure to use a hand lotion with sunscreen after.
    Also in Mexico we use hot peppers for the scalp. You take a raw jalapeño or a "serrano" and put it in the stove fire so the pepper skin starts to burn, then once it's not that hot you scrub it in your scalp every night and it helps to invigorate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

  42. the girls should definitely do a series of tutorials base on the color of the flags for this olympic blog!!!! That would be sooo cool to see their ideas with the colors to look sooo pretty with their skills!!!!!!

  43. Yes, we do the lemon-sugar thing in Mexico. Just make sure you're out of the sun, otherwise the lemon oils can seriously burn your skin.


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