Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Balance Me Natural Skincare

We were kindly sent some samples of key products from award winning British brand Balance Me.
Their philosophy is to provide skincare that has skin boosting benefits with therapeutic properties.
If you're a sensitive soul who prefers to know exactly what is going into your skincare products without the added parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, silicones and all these other scary sounding ingredients then this is the skin care brand for you.
With products for face, hair, body, bathing and all the other extras all skin care needs are catered for.

The key element that jumped out to me immediately was the heavenly scent. I love the smell of essential oils such as Lavender, Jojoba, Rosemary etc so these products are right up my street but I also know some people find these kind of scents over powering.

I used Cleanse and smooth face balm with the included muslin cloth.
The texture is a thick balm that when massaged into the skin, leaves a rich oily covering to the face. The key ingredients are soothing Chamomile, brightening mandarin and it has the added boost of oatmeal to slough away dead skin. Using the muslin cloth to wash away my skin feels nourished and plumped. I have oily skin so hate residue but this left my skin feeling moisturised but without any greasy film remaining.
This would also be perfect for a normal to dry skin or for those who are sensitive.
You need the smallest amount so £20.00 for 125ml I think is a reasonable price.

For my body I tried Super toning body oil. I always prefer to use oil on my body because I am lazy and feel I don't need to rub it in as much!
The people at BalanceMe recommend dry body brushing towards the heart before application to help with dry skin removal and circulation.
I cannot explain enough just how gorgeous this smells. Imagine that scent you can smell when you walk into a health farm or beauty salon that makes you instantly relax...well that's the smell!
Fragranced with Jojoba, Bergamont, Juniper and lots of other yummy ingredients. Use this when you get out of the bath it will ensure you have the most restful sleep ever, waking up with uber soft skin!
Use daily to improve skin tone, soften and smooth skin and encourage good circulation.
200ml is £20.00.

The range includes lots of other yummy products so don't take my word for it..go check them out!
To view the whole range and purchase view www.balanceme.co.uk



  1. Lovely review<3
    The Cleanser looks really nice! :)
    If you have a second, would you mind stopping by my blog??

  2. I love you both Pixiwoo <3 you're so talented, ladies http://makeupic.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/snow-white-and-huntsman-inspired.html

  3. I didn´t know this brand, it looks good so thanks for the info

  4. Glamour magazine are giving out samples of Balance Me products this month - in love with the eye cream!

  5. I've never heard of this brand before


  6. This looks nice


  7. Hello Nic and Sam! Thank u for this Asian look! I would love to meet you in person when I visit the UK this August? I'm an avid fan and I always look forward to your make up tutorials. I hope you can do one for Asian droopy eyelids so I can also follow it. Thanks a bunch! Mwah! I wish you all the best! Really hope I can visit you in your office or class.

  8. Balance Me looks very attractive to me and I've been hoping to get them for so long but I cannot get it from where I live :( It must smell so good, I'm more interested in their products after reading your post!:)


  9. The body oil sounds like a good product, will have to try it out :) Laura x



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