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AKA(Also known as) cosmetics is a British cosmetics brand created in 2011.
The brand concept is that when you apply make up you begin to develop an alter ego that is more vibrant and confidant.
It has simple, clean white packaging etched with the logo and product description and a really reasonable price point beginning at £5.00.

The lipsticks £7.50, come in a thin stick form and the colour payoff is strong with a thick opaque satin finish.
 The glosses £7.00, although look vibrant in the packaging do not sit as brightly on the skin. Due to the high gloss finish the colours are slightly diluted and more transparent. They feel more creamy than tacky though which I prefer.

The product line up has everything you would expect to see including a eyeshadows in duos for £7.00 or quads for £9.50 They offer a mixture of matte and shimmer textures.
For those of you who prefer a long, thin liquid liner brush then you will love AKA's liners £7.00.
Available in black, brown and grey blue.

We particularly like the nail polish £5.00 line up of cream and metallic colours that last quite a few days before they begin to wear off.

These products are great for people who like to move with the make up trends and update their colours regularly but don't wish to spend a fortune doing so.

Great for budding make up artists or for people who prefer their eyeshadows in compacts rather than in singles.

You can view the whole collection and purchase from



  1. Have you guys ever tried Kiko cosmetics? They're an italian brand and pretty decent, but I'd love to hear what the Pixiwoo girls think of their products! I've tried their mascaras, blusher and a couple of eyeshadows but I haven't ventured towards the foundations just yet, they're only available to the uk online so I didn't want to have to guess a shade and get it wrong and waste the product, but you can't go too far wrong with mascaras and eyeshadow! they're also pretty affordable which is a plus :)

    1. they have a store in Stratford westfield for a while now.

  2. nice range of tones! thanks for sharing I didn´t know this brand

  3. the nail polish looks lovely shame thanks for this post never heard of this brand before
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  4. love the range of colours they have

  5. Those glosses look to-die-for!

  6. Never heard of this brand but requires further investigation :') Laura x

  7. Never heard of this brand. Thanks for this post :)

  8. Lovely colours! make me want to try them out ;) x

  9. these products look pretty :)

  10. They look really pretty

  11. Ooooh, love the packaging!


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