Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Our favourite Sunglasses

We are all major sunglasses lovers here at Pixiwoo. Even on an overcast day (most of the time) you will still find us rocking our favourite eye protection.
 As we are noticing those fine lines creeping up around the eyes it's a really good idea to wear sunglasses on a bright day to avoid squinting and frowning and if you live in a sunny country I'm sure you know the importance of adequate eye wear.

We thought it would be a fun blog to tell you about our own personal favourites


Nic's favourite this summer are her new Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.The frame name is called Bordeaux and the lens colour is gradient pink violet.
Nic loves retro old school style and actually has the same style glasses in a few different colours.

 This colour looks like a deep maroon colour once on and is a really nice alternative to the classic black.
Ray Bans come in all different shapes and styles so check their website out to find your perfect style.
These were £135



I love my new Biba sunglasses.They are not my normal type as I usually go for the typical aviator style but I tried them on really for a laugh because I thought they would look massive and ridiculous! You may think they do!!

As soon as I put them on I fell in love with them.The style type is called Bianca and they are a squarish lens that is a brown/grey colour that then fades down to a dark peach.
 The sides have the Biba logo and the arms scoop down in a wave like shape.They sit really close to your face which I love as it stops any light getting in at the sides.
They come in a few different colour options but I like this colour as it just blends down into my skin tone.
 They were £65.00 which I think is really reasonable for such a beautiful pair of glasses with an iconic name such as Biba.
I purchased mine from House of Fraser


Judy is the girls mum and she is often here in the studio helping us out.She always says that we leave her out so we thought we would get her involved in the great sunglass debate!
Judy loves her Marc Jacobs sunglasses with the classic turnlock detail on the side.

They are a square plastic frame in shiny black and Judy says that they sit nice and close on her face and are such a classic shape that they just go with everything.

Sorry about the dark picture of Judy, we make her sit in a dark damp corner where she is seen and not heard (just kidding, we love Judy)
Judy brought her sunglasses from and they were £65.00

  Normally Sam would be included in this blog but as she is currently in New York with her Real Techniques brushes she isn't here to get involved.
But she is in New York so we don't feel too bad!


  1. beautiful sun glasses!
    personally i'm in love with my rayban wayferer in classic black with the green-ish glass

  2. I love Judy's glasses :) lovely!!!



  3. Looking great ladies! Loving the MJ glasses!

  4. Marc Jacobs for me. The lady, Judy, has great taste!

  5. Love 'em! I broke one pair on the first day of my hollibobs, so was glad they were only Primark.Primark sunnies do the job for me juuust fine.
    Diary entries of a 90's teen - and much more!

  6. I am more like a classic and I love my rayban aviator with mirror glasses, love it! thanks for sharing yours!

  7. Love the sunnies! I also love Stacey's cardigan - where is it from??

  8. Love the sunnies! I also love Stacey's cardigan - where is it from??

    1. It's from Primark!! Over a year ago though :(

  9. I love the Ray Bans, you can't go wrong with them. Timeless!

  10. love nic's one!!:)

  11. Totally aggressive post i am so inspired here.
    Thanks for sharing...

    Ray Ban Sunglasses

  12. What are Sam's favorite sunnies??
    I am seriously loving the Red Ray Bans!

  13. I would love to be able to wear sun-glasses,but unfortunately I have to wear my prescription glasses as I found it's very uncomfortable to wear contact lenses ..
    They can do prescription sunglasses but it's very limited on the style ...

    Well you girls looks good with those glasses and I'm jealous XOXO

  14. You should really consider getting your sunglasses from
    They have all the popular brands and they are priced almost 50% off compared to stores. I just got a pair of Ray Bans for 60£ in. Stores they are 125£. And they are real. In ray bans they have all of the different colours, sizes and types. Delivery for me was 3 day and free. :)

  15. I'm loving the sunglasses, especially Biba, suits you!!


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