Thursday, 7 June 2012

First Date Make Up

First dates are always a really anxious scenario to be in so I think it is a good idea to keep your look as simple and fuss free as possible.
Nothing worse than getting home from a first date, looking in the mirror and realising you've had half your false lashes hanging off all night and red lipstick on your teeth.

I have many male friends and also brothers so I get to hear lots of feedback on what guys think of the way girls look. I’m not saying you should ever change your style or how you want to look to snare the guy of your dreams and you should definitely always be yourself and look how you feel comfortable but I think on a first date less is more.

Try and keep the skin as natural looking as possible. If you are blessed with a flawless complexion then I would opt for a natural foundation to suit your skin type and make sure it blends in naturally with the rest of your body. An orange head on a white neck is not a good look on anyone.
If you need a little more coverage use a medium cover foundation and add concealer just on the areas you need it so your not too heavy all over.
Healthy skin has a radiant look to it so if possible add some subtle sheen to the skin on the high points of the face with creamy light reflecting highlights. Try to avoid glittery powders for this though as it can look fake.

Keep blusher natural, matte and if you’re not confidant with your contour then just add a pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks. If you will be drinking alcohol on your first date then you might want to avoid anything with to much colour in case you flush.

Your eyes are going to play a massive part in a first date so keep them natural but defined.
Apply a natural base colour all over the lid to the brow and then use a slightly darker shade through the socket to define the eye.
It’s quite nice to line the lash line with a liner to make the eyes really stand out. You could go for standard black but maybe opt for a brown, grey or plum depending on your eye colour to soften the look, and try swapping the gel liner for an eyeshadow applied with an angle brush for a softer fuss free finish.
Give those eyelashes a massive curl and add mascara making sure you build it up but don’t make it clumpy like spiders legs!
It’s quite nice if you have a fleshy coloured pencil to line the inner waterline of the eye to really brighten the eye up.

Although a strong glossy lip can look really sexy it’s a lot to worry about. You will never relax if you are worrying the lipgloss is patchy or all over the glass. You never know you may get a kiss on the first date and you wouldn’t want lipstick everywhere!
Opt for a soft colour that is just slightly deeper or brighter than your own lip colour. Try and go for a matte or satin texture so it doesn’t transfer too much and your hair doesn’t get stuck in it or even better a tinted lip balm
You wont want to take your whole make-up bag out on the date so just put a few essentials in a handbag such as powder to touch up, your lip product and I like to take a small cream concealer with me just to go over areas that may have become red or blemishes that have now unveiled themselves.

Sam created a first date look for you to see how to do a beautiful natural look with definition on the eyes however if you would like something a bit more dramatic with corner lashes then check out the second video which Nic a while ago.

Good luck and we would love to hear about  first date make-up essentials and stories from you.



  1. Love this makeup look/tutorial. The makeup is super simple. Maybe I could try it as my everyday makeup going for classes.

  2. Love this make up, use it as everyday make up instead.

  3. I love this look! The browns look especially good on your blue eyes! Very pretty :)

  4. I agree that this is also a simple everyday make-up look or a make-up for school look :)


  5. I think I'll use this as a soft day to day look as I am forever alone :') Laura x


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