Thursday, 21 June 2012

EMJ Products

As working make up artists we are always on the lookout for the best storage and transportation solutions for our kit. We are all aware of the fabulous cases that companies such as Zuca and Glamcor provide but you must take a look at EMJ products.

 The lady behind the brand is Emily-Jane Williams and in 2011 she created her boutique style brand especially catered for make-up artists.
 Her line up of products include brush belts holding up to 28 brushes with adjustable straps, Make-up rolls which are designed to hold pencils and glosses, roll up mats to set your products down on, set bags, aprons and capes.

The classic black material used looks polished and professional but here at Pixiwoo we just love the polka dot or floral varieties.
 With products starting at £4.00 these are a great addition to any make-up fanatics kit list.

Get your kit organised and view the whole range on




  1. This is so handy. Definitely need to think about getting one x

  2. Thanks for the link!
    vivalashoes.blogspot (huge primark haul coming soon if you're interested!)

  3. Think I'm going to have to invest! Especially as I can tell I'll be increasing my kit after a week on the Pixiwoo course!! I can't wait!



  4. love the bright design! Thanks for always introducing new/unknown brands xx

  5. Her brush rolls look amazing! x

  6. Awesome post! :D EMJ are awesome! :D
    I love the gloss roll

  7. Hey y'all. Sam, Nic, Stacy. Feel like I know y'all. Totally random comment. I am not a makeup artist so does not apply to this post. But just feeling like I need to tell you how much I truly appreciate your blog posts and videos. So helpful!!! I am facing hyperpigmentation. Fancy word for dark brown crazy spots on really fair(pale, white) skin. You have given me tips on color choices for balancing and application techniques too. I have tried and loved many products you have featured. Your professionalism, technical expertise, and gusto are inspiring! JUST A BIG FAT.. THANK! YOU!

  8. These look awesome! I'm going to check out the website!

  9. Please i need help with what colors of makeup that suits me I think I know my skin tone is olive I'm a little yellow. can you give examples of celebrities who have
    olivhuton, natural and dark skin tone so that I know better what colors I can use. I need help choosing the right foundation I am dry on the face, as red lipstick and blusher, eye shadow that can suit me please make a video and help me. I love you you are so talented/ Olivia

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