Tuesday, 12 June 2012

DuWop Products

Duwop is an innovative cosmetic brand that aims to make products that all modern cosmetic consumers need in their make-up collection.
 They do have colour cosmetics within their range but we have been sampling some of their products that assist in creating the foundations for a great make-up look.

We tried Circle block which is a colour corrector and concealer in one product.
In the lid there is an orange based cream that helps to correct blueish or purple dark circles around the eyes.You only need a real small amount of this product and gently pat into the areas where dark circles appear.
 Next unscrew the lid and underneath is a creamy concealer which provides a medium coverage with a matte finish.
I would opt for fingers when applying the concealer over the top so that you are not brushing the colour corrector off underneath.
Colours come in extra light,light, medium and dark and are $28 (around £18)

If you find that eye shadows don't look as intense on you as you would like then you may like DuWop Payoff ($17).
It is a water based, clear liquid that you mix with your powder eyeshadow to then turn it into a more creamy vibrant intense version of itself!
 The easiest way I have found to use this is to scrape a little of your powder eyeshadow out and mix a few drops of payoff into it.
 I tested it and mixed  it in with Tempting Eyeshadow by MAC

Using Payoff definitely made the colour darker and more intense as you can see from the visual.It also stained the skin a lot more once removed so if you have sensitive eyes beware that it may take a little more effort to remove.

If you like to have the natural flushed look to your cheeks and don't mind a slight tingling sensation on application then you may want to take a look at DuWop Cheek venom ($24).
 In two different shades of a hot coral or nude flush this creme blush is feels quite dry to the touch, not too greasy or creamy.
 It gives a matte stain to the cheeks.The cinnamon scent of this product is quite strong so if you're like me and detest cinnamon then you may find it slightly over powering.
 The overall finish I actually really like.It looks like you have pinched the skin and are naturally flushing.
 I expected it to feel uncomfortably tingly but it didn't.The only downside for me was the fragrance.
Cinnamon just reminds me of hideous alcoholic shots that made me ill in my younger days!

DuWop have many other key products in their line up from plumping gloss to dramatic thickening mascara.You can view their range on  www.simplebeauty.co.uk



  1. These products look really good will have to check them out!

  2. I got a free sample in my glossy box of the lip gloss, and oh my word it tingled so much I had to run and wash ot off! I don't mind a little tingle but this was crazy!!!

  3. I didn´t know this brand, it´s a surprise! thanks for sharing it looks amazing!

  4. I never hear much from DuWop but I think I need to look into the Payoff though, Laura x


  5. I really love the Circle Block, it works incredible well on my NW35 skin. Not many concealers work well for a browner skin tone, but this is one of them!

  6. I love Circle Block. It works amazingly on my NW35 skin. There are not many concealers and correctors that work well for a more brown skin tone, but this is one of them! Love it! =)


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