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Brush and tool cleansing solutions

Make up brushes can be an expensive investment so it is important to take care of them by cleaning them effectively.
You may think just rinsing them in baby shampoo is enough but using a proper brush cleanser is important as they contain many different ingredients that will not only condition the hairs of the brush but also anti bacterial ingredients that disinfect and remove bacteria build up from the brush.
 If you suffer from skin break outs, have sensitive skin or have had skin infections then it is even more important to clean your brushes.
 Using a regular shampoo does certainly get a lot of product out but it can also mean your brushes are soaking wet for days. Real brush cleanser often contains alcohol which allows the brushes to dry much quicker.
 The best way to use brush cleansers are to pour a small amount onto a thick tissue such as kitchen roll and then buff the brush back and forth.Make sure you re shape the brush after doing this so that the brush keeps its correct shape.
Be sure to not to get the base of the brush hairs too wet as you may find it will cause the glue that holds the hairs will become loose resulting in shedding hairs.

Most cosmetic brands do their own brush cleansers.Here are a selection from different price points.

Beauty So clean

Formulated with natural ingredients and dermatology tested this cleanser comes in a handy125ml spray bottle so great for travel(£11.50).
 Containing a high percentage of alcohol it removes bacteria with ease.
This brand also does a cosmetic sanitizer mist (£9.50) which removes bacteria and germs from powder products. Powder products often get a glazed seal over them which comes from oils in the skin being transferred from powder puffs or make up brushes. Spray this mist directly onto the powder and then rub over with a tissue.The oily seal is removed and the powder is disinfected.
They also have handy little sanitizer wipes which come in packs of 48 (£9.50) which you can use on pencils, lipsticks and glosses.



MAC Brush cleanser

This 235ml cleanser at £8.50 does exactly the same as most but also has an added ingredient of wheat protein which conditions the hairs.This product is specifically designed to extend the life of you brushes.
 MAC is used backstage at various events so it is vital that the brushes dry quickly and are ready to use almost straight away again.
 A little goes a long way and there is no strong alcohol odour.


Beauty blender cleanser

This gentle cleanser(£15.00)is great to clean all your make up sponges with.
 The 180ml plastic bottle has a special adapter that you sit the sponge on, press down and the liquid will then dispurse out onto the sponge.
 Usually sponges are in expensive and can just as easily be replaced but if you feel you want to clean them in between buying your next one then this is ideal.
 The soft lavender scent also makes them smell fresh and clean.

What are your best tips for keeping your most important tools in top condition?



  1. A good brush cleaner is super important. The MAC brush cleaner is the best I've tried, so I'm sticking with that for now!

  2. Thanks for all he tips ladies, i use a baby shampoo and the MAC cleaner. Its great the MAC drys much quicker and lasts ages :-)

  3. Hmm I don't like using products used specifically to clean the brushes because it is so expensive and finisehd easily after a few wash. I prefer using Michelle Phan (Olive Oil and Antibacterial soap trick)


  4. I love the MAC cleaner! Thanks for the reminder - I need a new bottle!

  5. I always use for my brushes and my beautyblender the beautyblender gel! it´s great! thanks for sharing

  6. I prefer synthetic anti-bacterial brushes + a brush daily cleanser + a weekly brush shampoo.. I hate Beauty So clean. I think its a waste of money.

  7. I do use baby shampoo to deep clean, but for spot cleaning, I'll use the MAC cleanser.

    As for Beauty So Clean, IMO, it's a rip-off. I don't think it does anything special, nothing a spray bottle full of isopropyl alcohol at the concentration of your choice (70%, 91%, or 99%) can't accomplish. And isopropyl alcohol is a lot cheaper and much more readily available.

  8. i love the Mac cleaner but I also love the Inglot Cosmetics one and it also helps to reshape the brush when you use it! :) xx


  9. i'm surprised that MAC one is cheaper that others! for now i have 2 cleansers: tony moly(korean brand) and self-made one

  10. Hi, I use the cleanser biphasic Essence by eliminating fat from the brushes are cheap and very clean, like makeup remover does not work but it is advisable to clean the brushes.


  11. I love surgical spirits! I know it aint the best for conditioning the brush but its so quick and effective. Does stink though! The urban decay cleaner is also great but not available to the public, which is a shame.

  12. Dove handwash, is anti-bacterial & works so well x

  13. Dove handwash, is anti-bacterial & leaves brushes super soft!x

  14. I have been using the makeup remover sheets from E.L.F as a quick cleanser, just wiping them down to remove color. I use the mist and set spray for a slightly deeper clean, and then I use clarifying shampoo for the deep cleaning. My brushes are in great shape but they are also the taklon bristles from RT. I don't know if that cleansing routine would be very good for natural brushes.

  15. Unscented Dove soap in the bar form works amazingly. I've tried expensive brush cleaners, baby shampoo, olive oil hand soap etc but the bar soap works best and afterwards I brush a very tiny amount of alcohol on them to sanitize.


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