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The Best of British

2012 is gearing up to be a great year for all things British.The Queens Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics are both putting the UK into the forefront of worldwide media.
 All this bunting hanging in every window has inspired me to write a post on our fabulous British brands.

Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a British beauty brand founded in 1995 by two close friends Liz and Kim.The products have a strong background in using the finest naturally active ingredients.They wanted a brand that was affordable combined with the best ingredients that could be quick and easy to use.

As an oily skinned person my absolutely favourite product from Liz Earle is their Deep Cleansing Mask.
This clay based mask goes on as a grey paste and tingles on application.The clay helps draw out imperfections and regulate oil.
Easy to remove with the sponges included without finding white mask marks in your hairline 2 hours after!
Instantly areas of my skin where I could feel the beginnings of a blemish coming up were soothed and inflammation reduced.A real star product for people who suffer from breakouts.
A little goes a long way so a real bargain at £14.00


Burberry was founded in 1856 in Basingstoke by Thomas Burberry a 21 year old drapers assistant.
Famous for its tartan check pattern clothing line they have gone on to produce accessories, fragrance and more recently cosmetics.
The cosmetic range is in a weighty gunmetal casing and has the Burberry check running through the product. 

I adore the lip cover lipsticks.Available in 5 colours this rich, moisturised lipstick glides over the skin. Perfect for people who like sheer lipsticks with a soft moisturised sheen.
You almost don't want to use it incase you ruin the perfect check pattern.
 At £22.50 it is definitely a more luxurious expensive treat.


Founded in the 1860's Penhaligons is a fragrance brand created by William Henry Penhaligon who was a barber and perfumer to Queen Victoria.
His original shop in Jermyn street London was destroyed in The Blitz in 1941 but they re opened in 1975 in Covent Garden.
The signature clear glass bottles with a ribbon tied stopper are still made in England using the finest rare ingredients.With 34 different scents to offer there will be something to suit all tastes even if it's just to have a little slice of Great Britain on you bathroom shelf.
I love anything mildly citrus smelling and Penhaligons Bluebell is light and fresh with notes from Hyacinth and Jasmine.You will smell like a beautiful British woodland!
Said to be a favourite fragrance of Princess Diana, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller makes it even more appealing I think you will agree.
Available in different sizes that start from 50ml for £58.00


Illamasqua is a relitively new UK brand that is now also available globally.
It prides itself on being an alternative slightly dark cosmetic brand that encourages people to step out of their make-up comfort zone and let their alter ego shine through.
Inspirational make-up artist Alex Box(Creative director) has used her art background in developing the brands products and imagery.
Illamasqua products are a regular in Pixiwoo tutorials and their Skin Base is a particular favourite of ours.
 We love that it caters for all from the lightest of skin tones up to a much deeper skin tone. With a medium/buildable coverage it also photographs well with no flash back and looks great in HD.
Skin base is priced at £25

Daniel Sandler 

Daniel Sandler is a British Make-up artist who has been in the industry for over 20 years and his work has graced many international magazines.
His cosmetic line caters for all your make-up needs whilst keeping it simple and fuss free.
His product line has won many awards and one of our all time favourite products are his multi award winning Watercolour fluid blush.

A moisturising fluid that is silicone based to help with staying power.
Provides a delicate flush to the cheeks that gives radiance and warmth back into the skin.
After shaking well a single drop to each cheek is enough for a natural day look or for a stronger look you can buff in more product.
These are £14.50 but will last you so long.

What are your favourite products from your home country?




  1. I love liz earle products and i dying to try illamasqua products! :)

  2. I've only tried Liz Earle and Illamasqua out of the products above but I absolutely love them and now own quite a few bits from each brand...they're addictive! x

  3. Nice post!!! and very nice brands, I haven´t try all of them but they are great looking!! lol! thanks for sharing!

  4. I want to use Illamasqua! I love your country more than mine.

  5. Great post, Im quite tempted to try soem Liz Earle after hearing so many good things about them :-)

  6. i'm originally from germany, so here goes:
    *penaten baby oil is amazing for dry skin and sensitive skin
    *nivea pure skin daily moisturizer helped me clear up my skin
    (nivea had good quality make up over here as well but discontinued last year)
    *alverde lip butter is cheap, organic and amazing
    *balea waterproof eye makeup remover - better than all the expensive brands I've tried

  7. The Penhaligons Bluebell bottle looks so pretty and cute!!! I wouldn't dare using it ^^ Thanks for sharing xo ♥

  8. I love polish INGLOT it's great brand and I'm proud of it being from Poland:)

  9. I love Liz Earle & Daniel Sandler Makeup especially the blush! I got mine from Hairtrade as it seems to be the cheapest place at the moment if anyone is looking for it! x

  10. Daniel Sandler's watercolor blush is my fav. blush ever, super pigmented and doesn't budge all day! Would love to try the Illamasqua Skin Base and the Liz Earle mask some time! xx

  11. I have only tried Liz Earl and Illamasqua, but I love them!

  12. Leighton Denny is also English I love his polishes x

  13. Real Techniques should definitely be on the list too!

    visit Beauty Sketch - my Beauty Journal!

  14. Anyone know of a way/site where i could order some of those Daniel Sandler Watercolour fluid blushs to South Africa? The site doesn't have my country listed. Am dying to try them out :D

    thanks guys! xxxx

    1. I'm pretty sure ships worldwide!

  15. You have amazing products in UK ! I envy you! :)

  16. I LOVE LIZ EARLE! :)
    If you have a sec, stop by my blog?? <3

  17. Love Liz Earle and Burberry is just the quintessential British brand!
    Great post ladies!

  18. Great post. We've been really enjoying the Jubilee and are so excited to come to London this August. I'd love to hear more about British beauty brands, and other London recommendations.

  19. Phenome Bodycare natural products, greetings from Poland!;)

  20. I was gonna ask if you guys could do a best of best of British. So for example, say you say Boots (I don't even know if that's originally a British co. but I think it is) then you guys say blah dee blah product is the best of that brand, etc. Kinda like what you did here but I know there's LOADS more british brands (can only imagine) and lots of stuff you guys like. :)

  21. Barry M is one of my fave British brands :)

  22. I need more illamasqua in my life, even if I just bought Pristine :') Laura x

  23. Does anyone have any experience with using Skinbase on very oily skin? I would love to try it out, but don't want to have it melting off my face within an hour.

  24. Becca Luminous Skin Colour is my Aussie fave

  25. I am a HUGE fan of Liz Earle, they do the best skin care range!! And I have only just recently discovered Illamasqua, but I am amazed with some of their stuff :D I have just done a review on an Illamasqua product myself :D

  26. Need to try some of these products!

  27. Aesop is a really fantastic skincare brand from Australia. Their parsley seed range is amazing

  28. Have you ladies tried Gerda Spillman foundations? Originally a Swiss product, but I'm not sure where it is made--I purchase in the USA. I'm curious as to your thoughts. I have used the foundation for many years and really like the coverage. However, the older I get the more it seems to gather in my life/wisdom lines (as I prefer to call my wrinkles)! Love you guys and have learned so much! Thanks!

  29. I have used Gerda Spillman foundation for many years and love the coverage. However, as I have aged, it seems to be settling more into my life/wisdom lines (as I refer to my rapidly increasing wrinkles). I'm curious if you ladies have used it and also your thoughts about the product as compared to other foundations. Love what PIXIWOO is all about and really enjoy everything about your videos! Thanks from the USA!

  30. My favorites are: Burberry, Penhaligons, and Daniel Sandler.. They are in my beauty counter.. :)
    Here are some Salon products that gives value to your money.

  31. I don't know much about Estonian make up lines, but our neighbors have something worth trying I think. So check out Lumene ( from Finland.

  32. Thanks for this post! I just ordered some products from Liz Earle now!! :)


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