Monday, 14 May 2012

Tom Ford Eye Quad

Tom Ford is well established in the fashion world but in the autumn of 2011 he launched his complete cosmetic line.
They have 10 varieties of eyeshadow quads available, each set in a weighty chocolate and gold palette with  two application brushes.
 We have been testing out some of the eyeshadow quads here in colours 'Burnished Amber' and 'Cognac Sable'.

Burnished Amber are warm plums that have a gold base pigment running through them.
Wear them individually or blend together for a statement plum smoky eye.
 These types of colours can look a little scary in the palette but if you have blue or green eyes these colours will look amazing.
 Layer the gold base colour on and then get blending in the darker colours.Due to the gold satin finish running through all the colours they are not as red/pink looking as they seem in the palette.
 On darker skin tones these are actually really beautiful colours to use on the cheeks too as a blusher and highlighter.

Cognac Sable palette is a mixture of gold base shadows that also have underlying gold pigments.
This palette has an amazing copper shadow that is so sparkly it looks wet on the skin.
 Containing a mixture of reddy browns and a grey tone brown these colours would be perfect for blue or brown eyes.
May look a little warm on a fair skin but would be amazing on an olive or darker skin tone.
Palettes are £62.00 each.
Check out to view the full range of cosmetics and stockist information.


  1. They look soo great wish they were more affordable!

  2. Burnished Amber - lovely colors!

  3. wow, the palette looks great.. i love nudes on eyes...:)

  4. I really like the sound of these, but not sure if I can justify the £62 price tag, are they worth the cash? x

  5. Damn 62 pounds?? Love the 'Burnished Amber' though... must have it! x Marina

  6. These truly do look beautiful, but £62?! That is a little ridiculous! :O

  7. oh my goodness, those palettes are SO beautiful! if i hadn't recently splurged on foundation, i would absolutely buy this! i guess it's going on my long list of things-to-eventually-buy :)


  8. Lovely looking packaging and I love plum shadows (I have dark blue eyes so plums look great). Far too pricey for me though!
    The real-life diary titbits of a teen in the 90's!

  9. Those look so amazing! I love the Cognac Sable palette!

  10. These palettes look amazing! I can't wait to try cocoa mirage - even the name sounds luxurious!

  11. I've heard so much about these palettes. They look absolutely gorgeous but I own't be able to afford them for a while.

  12. Burnished Amber looks great! That reddish-plum eyeshadow is something that I could wear time and again :)

  13. Try the NYX palettes. I love the "caviar & bubbles" one (it is like the famous Urban decay naked palette), and it is so cheap.

    I post about this on

  14. I'm new to all of this! How could I not know about pixiwoo?
    I love shoes and make-up in that order. Now I love make-up and shoes in that order ;) <3Claire

  15. luv luv luv you both! ;) ( Nic-I love how you say luv luv luv) Claire


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