Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tips for Redheads

Red hair comes in such a variety of shades that it can be confusing to know which tints and tones to go for when picking your make-up.
Often the skin is fairer for red heads and it can be a struggle to find a foundation match or eye shadows that are not to warm on a paler skin.

There are no rules in make up and it can be a matter of trial and error to find the right colours for you.

Check out our recent tutorial on Christina Hendricks to get some inspiration on how to tackle a look for red heads.

I have compiled a list of some brands that have some good colour selections suitable for very pale skin.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation has a superb range of light colours in a medium but buildable coverage.
Their lightest colour in 01 is practically white!

M.A.C offer Face and Body in White which can be added to regular Face and Body foundation to lighten the colour up.
This foundation is very sheer and can be also used on the rest of the body to help conceal bruises or to tone down uneven skin tone.

Dainty doll is a brand by Nicola Roberts from UK girl band Girls Aloud who herself is a fair skinned red head.
Her line of products include everything from foundations to blushers to false lashes using mixed red hair.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has catered for the brows of a red head with her vast line in brow products to suit.
We think Anastasia brow pencil in Strawburn is a really good versatile colour and the Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel is gorgeous.

We believe there are no rules in make up and as we are all individual I never like to specify that people need to wear certain colours but there are colours that will enhance each other.
Red heads look awesome with a strong pop of colour on the lips. Go for warm toned reds and oranges or if your feeling mega daring then a deep plum looks beautiful.

Warm the cheeks with a soft blush in taupe, peach or coral.
Depending on the eye colour you can pretty much get away with most colours although I would steer clear of icy pinks and baby baby blues.

What do all you fabulous red haired beauties like to wear?


  1. On my cheeks and lips I love anything plummy and on my eyes goldy bronzey tones instead of more silvery ones to bring out the green in my eyes. However, as you say, I don't really think about it too much and just play around to see what I like! Things like bronzers can be more difficult but my two favourites are the MUA Bronzer in Shade 3 and Soleil Tan de Chanel as long as they're used with a light hand.

    Thanks for this post, really interesting x


  2. Hi, can you post the link to the Christina Hendricks video, I can't find it on the Pixiewoo site! Thanks :)

  3. Great post!! I actually did this look in a tutorial! the exactly same! thanks for sharing!

  4. I tend to go for darker tones on my lips, although I'm now venturing into some pinks for spring. My problem is my skin is so fair I have to wear factor 50 sunscreen which is always really thick for under make up. Can you recommend a good suncreen or base that has a high spf but isn't too thick? Great post btw! x

    1. Don't know if you have tried the MAC Face Protect Visage SPF 50 Primer. I was having the same problem and my make-up would just slide off after applying sunscreen as it was so thick/greasy. This seems to hold my make-up much better.

    2. Clinique City Block is outstanding. It's a physical sunscreen, not a chemical one, so a teeny bit is all that is needed as a sheer film is enough to reap the sunscreen effects (a pea sized amount is more than enough to do your whole face and neck). It also acts as a make up primer, keeping your foundation on all day AND it is safe to use in the eye area, which means your concealer will also stay on all day, while protecting that super delicate skin from premature aging too. It's Win Win Win!

    3. Clarins do a UV plus day high protection screen which is spf 40.
      You can buy it fom Clarins counters for around £30 but you can get it cheaper online.
      This is the product i use every day under my make up, you wear it above your moisturiser so it acts like a primer too.

  5. I wear everything from warm shades to cool tones. It really just depends on the look that Im going for.

    I tend toward peaches/corals/pinks on my lips. Sometimes reds and berries, again, depending on what Im going for.

  6. Thanks for the video...very helpful indeed. You look sooo like Nic in the picture at the end. :o
    I like to wear Darker colours on my lips. New York Apple from Mac, and Russian Red are my faves. The only think I dont like about my pale skin is it makes my face look bigger when I wear my pale make up. Therefore if I wear tan and wear a darker colour foundation....my face looks thinner. lol x

  7. On my cheeks I love peachy or coraly colours and on my eyes I like golden browns, deep plum and green (all sort of greens).
    I always have problems with my lips, I never know what colour I can wear because I've heard so many contradictory advices from professionals: 'never wear pink' 'you can pink but very lightly' 'you can some reds but not all of them' 'only nudes'.
    Nude tones are great but sometimes you want some sexy red lips or bright colour.
    I didn't dare a very strong colour until really recently when I met a make up artist with exactly the same hair colour than me and wearing a lovely pink on her lips. And she looked gorgeous.
    Thank you for your tutorial, I think I'm going to try the make up forever lipstick you showed ;)

  8. I love that my combination of cool skin with red hair allows me to wear almost anything. And yes... I LOVE PINK!

  9. I agree with you that there are no real rules on what you should wear! It's definitely more what you should avoid. I tend to think this depends heavily on the shade of red you are- Being that my hair is more red-red than brown red- I tend to avoid anything in cool/blue undertone bubblegum pink. While I don't stick to any one shadow colour over another. My fave looks are built around varying hues of green and teal. I also love to use brilliant blush shades like the one you used in your video. And no matter what colour of lip I am wearing like adding a little sheer gold gloss on top. In the winter- white base stretchers are KEY when it comes to making my foundation match my pale skin. In the summer I use something similar to the Chanel you used in this video- Pearl White Base by Koh Gen Do- Occasionally mixed with their Green Base to even out any red/sun flushed areas prior to foundation.

  10. Thanks for this post!
    I have natural coppery auburn hair and blue-green eyes, translucently pale skin and light freckles. Finding foundations that work has always been the hardest thing for me, makeup-wise.

    Here's what I use:

    SKIN: For daily wear, I mix some Couleurs Nature 'Second Skin Effect Foundation' (in the lightest shade) with a bit of NUTRITION Nourishing Body Lotion - almond (both from Yves Rocher)to use as a tinted moisturizer. If I want more coverage, I add some fountain and conceiler from the E.L.F. mineral line (both in the lightest shades.)

    Shadows: I favour warm browns, soft creamy whites, golds, shimmery peaches, and all varieties of purples and plums. Most of the time I use my MAC-dupe 88 palettes (yay EBay!) or single Luminelle shadows (Yves Rocher.)

    I absolutely avoid blues, greys, silvers and greens as they make me look tired and sick. Purples flatter my eyes (blue-green) and harmonize well with my hair (coppery auburn.) Sometimes I do a very neutral look with light creams and taupe, brown liner and mascara, and then put just a tiny touch of muted violet into the outer corners -- love it!

    Mascara: For more natural looks, I use brown mascara, instead of black. Years ago I found a dark plum mascara that looked amazing, but sadly, I've never found another.

    Liner: Mostly I use pencils on the waterline. Brown liners for natural and softer looks, black for a bit of drama, and sometimes dark plum. Right now I'm loving the plum coloured creme liner from E.L.F.'s studio line.

    BROWS: Because my natural brows are blondish, I like to fill them in with warm sandy taupes (like MAC Wedge) for something light and natural, or I use a warm chocolate brown (Makeup Forever, or a mix of MAC Brown Down or Corduroy) for a more dramatic brow.

    LIPS: I love red-oranges, brick reds, natural rose pinks, and sheer lip glosses in warm pinks, golden tones, or clear. Occationally I wear a blood red or a deep violet, when I want something intense. Lately I've been wearing some red-orange and brick colours from Yria (Yves Rocher) and Hypershine glosses from E.L.F.

    CHEEKS: Peach or rose for blush, taupey bronzer for a touch of contour, sometimes a bit of pale gold shimmer as a highlight.

    NAILS: Wine, plum, black, clear with subtle glitter, or French manicure with peach.

    (p.s. cruelty-free! <3 )

    1. Wow! Great tips! I have seen several brands of makeup that carry mascara in eggplant which is supposed to look great on redheads

  11. with my strawberry blonde hair and fair freckled skin I LOVE Aa red lip. My favorites are Nars Jungle Red and Revlon Really Red. Peachy, corally pinks like MAC Crosswires are beautiful as well. On the eyes, bronzes and greys are always flattering: )

  12. I think red hair looks beeee-autiful!

    Retro real-life diary entries of a 90's teen!

  13. I definitely think that coral blushes are great on redheads!

  14. I LOVED this post. Thank you so much Pixiwoo for finally writing about redheads, we get so ignored within the industry. I swear by the Dainty Doll range, I adore it. I have dark auburn red hair and to be honest I love to break all the rules. I adore wearing pinks and reds and all the things the beauty books wouldn't agree on, but I love it :).


  15. Thank you so much for this post!! I'm naturally a redhead with fair skin but have more recently become a bit of a slave to bleaching my hair and tanning a little because I just can't work with make-up on my pale skin... so tempted to revert to my natural colour now as there are so many good products here! x


  16. I am a natural golden blonde. I recently dyed my hair to a light auburn red (more red than brown). I had the worst time finding an eyebrow pencil that would darken my brows, but had a red undertone. I finally found two that work really well: Make Up Forever's pencil in shade 2 (I believe) and Essence's basic brow pencil in brown. Both are brown shades, but they have red (rather than gray) undertones so they work with red hair. Just an FYI for any dyed redheads out there!

  17. You are a princess. You have a perfect face shape.
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  18. I find it really hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. The paler shades are just too pale and the warm too warm...I've found that the L'Oreal Infallable foundations are quite a good match, and often blend two shades (Porcelain and Natural Rose.)

    The Urban Decay Naked Palette is my go-to for eyeshadow...I'm so scared of colour. I have dabbled in some berry/' mauve shades before for a smokey eye, but I am so unsure what colours I can wear that will match my hair colour!

    Ginger x

  19. (oops, in my comment, I meant *28* palette, not 88)

  20. This is a lovely post. I envy all those red heads out there with gorgeous red locks! I try to find the bronze streaks in my brown hair but they only come up in the sunshine!

    Also, please would you take the time to have a look at my blog? I've just started blogging again after being bogged down at uni so I've just started off with a review and beauty secrets as well as music reviews, so please check it out!


    E-L xo

  21. Thank you for this great post. I love wearing red lipstick. I have to avoid green eye shadows because they make my blue-grey eyes look tired and red.

  22. A really pretty look.

    Do you recommend anything for someone that has a puffy under eye, that doesn't seem to want to hold makeup for too long. I am 55 and have a hard time with that area of the eye. Makeup just doesn't seem to want to stay there. I use a primer and concealer and still no success.


  23. Thank goodness for this post, as a natural redhead (very pale, no freckles, dark eyes etc etc!) I find it fairly difficult to venture out & buy different makeup than the staples I've had for about 10 years!

    Thank you for showing me there is more than this that I can use!


  24. I love Christina Hendricks... although her curvy figure is probably more of her draw than her lovely complexion.

    I am also very porcelain, although I am a brunette. I have found that some of my favorites are Orgasm blush by Nars, and the strawberry mousse duo from Clinique. I especially like the pink shade in the eyeshadow, as it enhances the green color in my green/hazel eyes (My eyes are the kind that look diffent colors depending on my makeup.) I have also found that drawing in my eyebrows with a light brown powder makes a huge difference.

  25. This is great! Keep in mind that Christina (like me) is a 'bottle' red (she's naturally blonde). My hair is about the same light coppery-red she has, and I could tan if I really, really put some effort into it (not happening), but I'm pretty pale with yellowish undertones. I also have a lot of red in my cheeks, so I use pale makeup with a little yellow to balance it all; BB creams are perfect for this! I also got the Tangerine Tango lipstick, thinking it'd be way too orange, but it actually looks great! I wanted to try something new from the pinky-browns I always do; sometimes it's nice to have options other than just the 'one' thing you're 'supposed' to stick to!

  26. Hi from Australia thank you for the post, re the Make up forever lipstick in 39 is it from Natural or the Intense range?

  27. Hi from Australia re the Make up forever lipstick in 39 is it from the Natural or Intense range?

  28. I second Gretchen's picks and would add MAC pearlglide eyeliner in Molasses to the Clinique duo in strawberry fudge. ba da bing ba da boom! Plus those with green eyes might like Bobbi Brown bronze shimmerwash eyeshadow.

  29. what was that Chanel base in the video?

  30. Loved the make up! Definitely I'll try it today to out for lunch with my boyfriend!

    For all the Brazilians ones, here is my blog:

  31. I am in love with this make up thank you for this video!

  32. I have found that a pop of red, coral or bright pink lipstick against my pale skin and red.hair does wonders! The bane of my existence, however is my invisible and, sad to say, overplucked brows. :@

  33. I have noticed that a pop of coral or red lipstick against my red hair does wonders. The bane of my existance is my "teenage plucked to the point of oblivian" pale eyebrows. :@

  34. I have found that a pop of red, coral or bright pink lipstick against my pale skin and red.hair does wonders! The bane of my existence, however is my invisible and, sad to say, overplucked brows. :@

  35. Has any one tried the JFR (just for redheads) line of makeup?

  36. Revlon Cherries in the snow is gorgeous on redheads!

  37. I have dry very pale skin with pink undertones and it was hard to find a foundation. I finally found a perfect match with Armani shade 3.75, I took a tester home to see it in natural light and came back the next day to buy it.

  38. I have dry pale skin with pink undertones and had a lot of trouble finding a pale foundation that wasn't too yellow. I finally found a perfect match with Armani Luminous Silk in pink ivory 3.75. I brought a sample home to try it in natural light and came back right away to buy it.

  39. Thank you so much for this really informative post for redheads. It's so hard to come across tips for natural redheads and I found this really helpful. I've recently started getting more into using lip products and am always so weary of what colours to wear to avoid clashing. I have found the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait really flattering though. For my eyes I always use brown pencil eyeliner and golden/neutral tones for my shadows, and for everyday I always use brown/black mascara as I find black a little too harsh.
    In terms of foundation I find it really hard to find a flattering tone for my skin, I have been using the bourjois healthy mix serum in 'Light Vanilla' but have recently been feeling it's a little too yellow toned for me.
    Ahh the trials and tribulations of being a redhead continue!

  40. Sam, thanks so much! We Gingers are always ignored!!!
    I've had many years of trial and error in the attempt to find products that work well with my skin and colouring - The two best foundations I've found are Estee Lauder Double Wear in Ecru for a full coverage foundation; or Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect in 71 (the palest) is my absolute all time fave for every day dewy skin.
    It's really pale with just a hint of a yellow shade to help combat redness. But finding foundations that are pale enough is TOUGH!
    and I categorically cannot wear bronzer!
    On my eyes the only thing I've found that works well is a really subtle browny-plum. Lips I either go for warm toned tinted lip balm to keep things natural, or I love a red lip and Illamasqua lipstick in 'Ignite' is my all time favourite product! I just feel fab the second I put it on!!
    My biggest problem is that my eyebrows are naturally about the same colour as my skin. I started tinting them about a year ago with mixed results (at one stage, I used a brown eyebrow tint which turned them NAVY!!!!) currently using a hair dye that gets them to a natural-ish colour, but don't like using a hair dye so close to my eyes, and still not 100% happy with the colour. Would love some suggestions if anyone's been successful!

  41. I regret dying my hair now.
    I used to be a strawberry blonde, - which isnt ginger, but i got bullied for it badly so i chucked a brown dye on my hair.
    Letting it grow out now, because i miss my hair :P

    Still looking for the perfect red lipstick though.

    I do love anything brown on my eyes, generally a warm toned brown. (Teddy Eye Kohl by MAC is my savour!)

  42. Would you girls be able to do a dramatic look for blonde hair with green eyes on your youtube page? Sometimes I find dramatic eyes to be lost on a pale blonde such as myself. I'll often darken myself with bronzer, but it's easy to come across as "tart" like with long blonde hair, fake tanned skin, and heavy black eye make up -- which is really not what I am going for!

  43. Would you girls be able to do a classy dramatic look for blonde hair with green eyes on your youtube page? Sometimes I find dramatic eyes to be lost on a pale blonde such as myself. I will often wear bronzer-- but it's too easy with pale skin, light eyes, and long blonde hair to lose the appearance of sophistication when I'm wearing fake tan and strong black eye make up. Help the blondes!!


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