Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow

Many people love the ease of a cream eyeshadow but hate that they move and crease on the lid.
In May, Make Up Forever will launch their range of Aqua Shadow Sticks which are easy to use shadow pencils that won't crease, smudge or transfer and are waterproof.

Tested under extremes of heat these fat nibbed pencils are made up of wax, oils and polymers which create a film that locks water out.
They still blend really easily and have a good amount of play time to move around to where you want them.
Many cream shadows have a pearly, shimmery finish and while 7 of these 12 shades also have this finish there are also 5 that are totally matte, a huge added bonus for those that find the iridescent texture unflattering.

These are soft enough to blend using your fingers but I would recommend a fluffy blending brush to buff the colour over the eye without dragging the skin.

To remove these products you will need an oil based eye make-up remover and gently press and then  sweep a cotton pad over the eye taking care not to drag the skin.

The Aqua Shadows are £15.95 available from www.gurumakeupemporium.com or view www.makeupforever.com for product info.


  1. these look gorgeous colours! the brown looks like a really deep colour so i may have to investigate as im always on the look out for waterproof browns as they are so versatile! thanks!

  2. I have 2 aqua shadow and I love them!

  3. Oh wow, love the teal colour!

    Can't believe I still don't own anything by MUFE



  4. These look fantastic no less! x

  5. Beautiful!!


  6. 30E is beautiful, I will check it out. Thanks for the swatches!

  7. These sound fab - love the look of 30E! Can't wait to see you use them in a tutorial :) xx

  8. Wow, they sparkle!!


  9. I've been thinking about these lately, thanks so much for taking the time to do this post, very helpful to know what you guys think of them. Diane

  10. I love them, a have 4 of them and they work amazingly great!! and I actually just post this morning a post in my blog about them!! thanks for sharing!

  11. I should have tried these at the Make Up For Ever event I was at on the weekend but it was just too crazy there! Couldn't bother fighting the crowds. Now I regret not taking a closer look.

  12. oh my, all of them colours look gorgeous!!
    especially 30E :-)

  13. These look absolutely love on! xo

  14. theres always such good reviews on this I'd love to try them!


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