Thursday, 31 May 2012

Illamasqua Naked strangers collection

Illamasquas' new launch which is available from today 31st May is a collaboration of warm rich golds, nudes and peach tones.
 Consisting of three nail varnishes (£13.50) in a flesh pink, copper and platinum gold, two rich glossy lipgloss colours (£13.00) in matching platinum gold and a nude peach.
 The gloss is a real thick texture that has an opaque finish with a high colour payoff.
 We love the nude gloss for every day but the platinum gold may take a little more courage to wear unless you like a bold metallic lip.
Nic used the nude gloss in intamacy on her new tutorial coming soon on Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

The blush options (£16.50) cater for everyone as there is a powder and a cream.
 Both similar in colour the cream has a soft pinky beige with a high moisturised finish and the powder is a peach based pink with a natural matte finish.

The collection is available today from


  1. Can't wait to pick up something from this collection! The nail polishes look gorgeous too x

  2. The powder blush looks such a pretty colour on here! Really tempted to get it!

  3. I love the colours. Nic looks gorgeous as always:)

  4. I'm so excited, I don't think I have seen them do a "neutral" collection yet!!

  5. Can't wait to pick up a few things from the collection Laura x

  6. Very nice collection and very nice that Illamasqua released a nude collection, thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey Pixiwoo! Love your pics and blog!

    An ad popped up for one of the uk BB creams. Just wondered if you guys had any experience of the Korean vs 'UK jumped on the bandwagon' ones?

    Oooh also, for fun maybe you guys could do a kawaii-Japanese cute inspired tutorial?

    Have you seen Alt Beauty Boxes? 9 items inc 2 sets of false eyelashes? Please check out and share xx

  8. What a stunning look! I know I'm too heavy-handed to pull that off.

  9. I really love Illamasqua but I don't feel like the colors will suit me :/ I'm more of the HF Edition! x

  10. Ahh can't wait for that tutorial Nic looks amaze - as ever!!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  11. So pretty. I really love these colors.


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