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Powder Foundation Guide

People have been using powder on their skin since the ancient Egyptians wore lead and chalk to lighten their complexion, These days we don't have to go to quite that extreme.
Powder foundations are great if you require a light but buildable coverage with a matte finish.
Due to the matte finish these foundations are not so great for dry skins but aimed at a combination/oily skin type.
Matte textures although great with oil control tend to look a little dull and with over application you run the added risk of the dreaded cake face!
To avoid this always give your moisturiser or primer enough time to absorb into the skin.
For a lighter application use a soft brush to apply the powder or if you prefer a heavy coverage then use the sponge provided but remember to change the sponge regularly to prevent the oils from your skin transferring to the product and sealing it.
If you find that you get shiny throughout the day don't apply more layers of this product as it will build up, leaving you looking plastered, rather apply an anti-shine oil absorbing powder where needed.
If you require a really heavy coverage team it up with a liquid foundation underneath.

Having oily skin I have tried a few different foundation powders so have detailed some here for you from a varying price scale.

Creme De La Mer - The Treatment Powder Foundation

A pearl coloured plastic compact with mirrored lid containing 10g powder compact with space underneath for a latex sponge. Box also contains a spare sponge.
For £65.00 I expected a slightly more luxurious hard wearing packaging so this product is perfect for people who keep their make-up pristine on their dressing table but probably not for those that need to transport it around in their handbag or kit.
The powder is very lightweight so great for a natural finish. Rather than a totally matte finish it has a slight radiance to it, due to ingredients including gemstones to create a satin finish.
It definitely smoothed out my skin and felt really silky. It also kept the shine at bay for most of the day but I did need to reapply for a bit of coverage on the T-zone half way through the day.
During reapplication the product layered smoothly with no chalky build up.

MAC Studio Fix

A cult powder that is a staple of any MUA kit, This powder foundation has a medium buildable coverage.
Standard MAC plastic casing with 15g of powder containing a latex sponge housed in a separate area underneath powder.
Designed to be used dry this powder gives a velvety texture that has oil absorbing ingredients and the added talc has been ground down to a microscopic size so the skin can breath.
This product photographs well and is also great for men.
Perfect for people who want more coverage.
It is really important to keep the sponge in the separate compartment as if you leave it sitting on the powder it will seal the powder due to oil contamination.
If this happens just scratch off the surface lightly and fresh powder will be revealed!

Laura Mercier Foundation powder

Mirrored 7.4g compact. This foundation is good for those who like to use their product wet or dry. It comes with a puff to use dry for a medium coverage or use wet for a much fuller cover.
This powder feels heavier to the touch and not quite as silky as others but it does provide excellent coverage and the titanium dioxide ingredient gives a soft focus finish however it may flash back when photographed with flash.

   Clinique Almost Powder Foundation

Packaged in the standard Clinique marbled green compact it contains 13g of product and a sponge.
Just because you like a powder foundation doesn't mean you need to sacrifice wearing an SPF.
Clinique have a really lightweight powder foundation that gives that no make-up make-up look while protecting your skin from damage.
It contains SPF15 which is perfect for the summer although there is a slight flash back in flash photography because of this.
Very silky to the touch and the powder is so finely milled that you hardly feel it's on. Literally zero chalky cakeface whilst keeping you matte.

Which powder foundations have you tried and loved?

Written by Stacey Oakes - Pixiwoo Studio Manager and Oily Skin Specialist :)


  1. i've never tried any powder foundations.. i've stuck with the liquids.. sam, i got your brushes yesterday and have never been so happy with the way my makeup looks! thank you.. they are genius! i got the core collection and starter kit but think i need the stippling brush in my life too!

  2. I didn't really get on too well with the MAC, I'm not sure why everybody loves it so much! Lancome are my favourite by far, though I'm wanting to try Bobbi Brown!

  3. Tanks for the tips :) im having oily skinn and its a hell to find foundations thats stays on all day :)

  4. i'm using just that clinique's one and i love it if i want to have a matte finish ... it's quite well for my sensitive (but tends to blemish) sensitiv skin

  5. I use powder for my foundation since ive got really oily skin and I use estee Lauder double wear mineral rich which works great!

  6. I have been using Cliniques Super Powder double face make-up and it works wonders for the hot/humid weather here in Florida. I prefer it over the almost powder because the coverage is exceptional. Its a light weight formula that buffs into the skin beautifully and controlls oil without the chalky feel like most other powder foundations.

  7. Freat info! I have a problem with powders as i can get dry skin especially in winter but i want to try the clinique one!

  8. i've been using the clinique one for 2 years now, almost daily. love it! can you do a blot powder guide next? i'm on the look for one with summer coming up.

  9. I had been using the clinique one for years until I found the shiseido sun protection compact foundation which I think is fantastic. It offers great coverage without being "heavy" or "cake-y" on the skin. It works perfectly for me. I should note I have normal skin with a slight tendency of being oily on the T zone.

  10. I had been using the clinique one for years until I discovered the shiseido sun protection compact foundation which I think is fantastic. It offers great coverage without being "heavy" or "cake-y" on the skin. It works perfectly for me. Guess I should note I have a normal skin with a slight tendency of being oily in the T zone.

  11. The creme de le mer looks so luxurious, shame about the packaging! I was looking at the MAC powder on thursday in Mac as it happens.

  12. Love love love studio fix! It's so versatile and genuinely controls my oily skin.

  13. Love this post! Great recommendations & reviews on the powders. I used to wear MAC but haven't for a long time i miss it sometimes i love makeupforever and laura mercier. Xo

  14. Every powder I've tried always oxidizes on me, even if I use a primer, is there a better way to prevent that from happening?

  15. How do you prevent oxidizing? I like mac studiofix, it´s very practical, but i stopped using it becauses it changes color in about 2 hours.

  16. I do not use compact foundation almost never, cause I have dry skin but its´a good option fo other people!

  17. I love the new Burberry powder foundation in the winter because it is hydrating and the Chanel one in the summer because it is much more mattifying. Recently, however I tried on some of the Origins Brighter By Nature Spf 30 powder foundation and I am most likely going to get it because it was incredibly silky, and the gal said it would help brighten up acne scars and other dark spots I have on my face. Also, they got it pretty right on the spot as far as shades for me because they have another powder there that I like but the colors were always 1 shade off. FYI I am an NC40 NC42 in MAC.

  18. I swear by M.A.C's Studio Fix!! Granted if you don't prep your moisturizer sit well enough on your skin it will leave streaks!

  19. I have always used Studio Fix when I was younger, it worked great for younger and oilier skins. La Mer looks lovely on the skin, it may be the best powder foundation I have ever tried. Good post.

  20. I love the Clinique Powder its nice and light but works really well.

  21. I love Studio Fix! I usually use it to set my foundation but it is good for those days you don't want much make up, and that's coming from someone that loves a lot of coverage

    Just to let you know I'm having a giveaway (click here!), including a Benefit Erase Paste :-)

  22. thanks for the great post! I always wonder what to use for my oily T zone and might give the MAC or Clinique a try. please do more oily skin posts they really help those of us with a different skin type that Nic and Sam have.

  23. great post thank you. I always wonder what to use on my oily T zone and might give a MAC or Clinique a try. pls do more oily skin posts they are really helpful.

  24. This has been SO helpful for me! Thank you xo

  25. Hi pixiwoos :-) I'ev got quite an oily skin so i prefer powder fondation, expecially during summer. I would like to suggest you a gourgeous quality italian brand, Neve cosmetis. They sell a mineral powder fondation that costs 13,90€ for 8 gr (0.28oz). on the site you can check out every product inci, they are super super wow and complittely cruelty free and vegan beacause products are only mineral.
    I don't work for them, i'm just an entusiastic customer... sorry for my bad english.

  26. I'm actually in love with NARS powder foundation in Siberia because it's a perfect match for my skintone.

  27. I used the mac studio fix and it looked ok on the skin but felt really dry.. Also when I had a photo took it made my face really yellow?

  28. i using Mac Studio fix for about 4 years n im loving it...

  29. i using Mac Studio fix for about 4 years n im loving it...


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