Monday, 9 April 2012

MACADAMIA Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

After the Redken review I tried Macadamia Deep  to another fabulous hair product, This hair mask is divine and the perfect pick-me-up for thirsty and dull hair. 
A few uses later and my hair looks visibly healthier, shinier and softer. 
The macadamia and argan oils in the masque ensure that the hair is intensely nourished and deeply conditioned, whilst simultaneously prolonging its effects with each use. 
For hair that is damaged - whether it is tangled, dry or heat damaged, the masque effectively restores and rebuilds hair, helping it look healthy and increasing its elasticity, overall making hair much more manageable. 

This is the first product of the line I have tried after hearing great things about the advantages of macadamia oil I can see why everyone seems to like it. You may think that the oils in it make the hair greasy but the product absorbs into the hair and has a light weight feel once dry (although limit your use of the product, if you use it too much then your hair will get greasy from product build up, once a week is ample for maintaining the benefits of the product), it also does seem to speed up the drying process whilst it's doing its work! It even has properties that protect your hair from the sun, so keeping it rejuvenated and revitalised at all times. I've just been running a small amount through the lengths in the shower and leaving it for a good ten minutes to get optimum results. 

You can buy the product direct from their website in the US or from in the U.K, it's available in 250ml and 500ml sizes, and, as usual, the 500ml is better value for money so it's worth investing.


  1. Oh I would love to have this deep repair mask. but unfortunately this product is soooo expensive... -.-*

  2. Oooo this looks good, maybe I will have a seacrh around for some sample sizes first :-)

  3. Will stick this on my list of things to try out - got so much stuff to finish off right now...

  4. i need a good hair mask! been using the aussie three minute miracle but i think its time to invest in a good high end one - i've heard so many good things about this! :)

    maddie xx

  5. This looks amazing I really need to try it!

    Have a look at my gorgeous blog!

  6. Hope it smells like macadamia too :)

  7. omg this is amazing.. now i have to buy it I wasnt really sure before:D

    i have a giveaway in my blog!:D
    Check it out!

  8. I love this product and I also use the oil just love it!!!

  9. I've just tried this and have to agree its amnazing! I got mine at as its cheaper on there so if anyone else is looking for it I'd definitely recommend! They've got the full range at a reduced price - here's the link if you want it :)

  10. I have tried & it works from california beauty group. :)

    Macadamia Natural Oil

  11. i use this twice a week and my hair has never been the same, i love love love it. definitely worth the price.

  12. Hey, I've tried this product and I absolutely love it! Worth every penny!

    Check out my review!

  13. I`ve heard of this brand and the products for hair being very good.


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