Friday, 6 April 2012

Charlize Theron Tutorial

New film Snow White and the Huntsman starring Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna sees an old fable brought into the 21st Century.

Charlize Theron is a 36 year old South African actress, producer, director and fashion model.
Beginning her career as a model she later moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.
Her first role was in Children of the Corn, she has since gone on to star in many films including The Cider House Rules, Monster, Hancock and one of my personal favourites The Devil's Advocate.

We love a fairytale here at Pixiwoo and Nic decided to re-create Charlize's look for the evil queen.
The skin is kept simple and paled down slightly while all the emphasis is on the metallic cream peacock greens and petrol blue colours and textures used on the eyes.
Deep blue kohl pencil is used on the waterline of the eyes to narrow them and create a smouldering effect.
Pink blush is used high on the cheek bones and lips are plum/pink with a matte finish.
Watch Nic re create this look on me (Stacey) below.
She chose to do this look on me just because I have similar hair and eye colour.
Sam created the hairstyle from two long blonde hairpieces which she plaited, One with a fishtail and the other with the standard three strand plait. She then messed them up a little and pinned them across the front and round the back.



  1. I love charlize theron, and this look was spot on. Great job :)

  2. wow her makeup is indeed so gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I love such a dark/menacing yet elegant style.

  3. Amazing look - both on her and you! x

  4. Amazing, I love that green colour.

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wonderful job.!!
    Would love to see a Lucielle Ball look!!

    1. Great idea! I hadn't thought of that one. I second Lucille Ball! And I'm sure they would do it in an appreciative, gorgeous way, not a gimmicky Halloween costume way....

  6. Wow, love this look!
    Also, just wanted to ask you if you wouldn't mind checking out my blog. I've literally just started getting my teeth into it and i'm not too sure what niche i'm going for yet but I am sure i will fall into something sometime soon. Please let me know what you think, there isn't much but I would definitely appreciate your input!
    Thank you for all of your beauty tips, you guys are phenomenal :)

  7. amaazing!!!happy Easter :) Hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

    oh, n I'm also hosting a rad one of a kind giveaway that is surely to rock your socks.

  8. another great look from you guys! amazing as always :)

  9. beautiful! like always!! thanks for sharing

  10. She looks so much like charlize its scary...oops i meant charlize looks like stacy ;)

  11. This look is a amzing, it is so close to the photo you have, very pretty :-)

  12. wow! that is amazing, Stacey looks exactly like her too!x

  13. Wow this looks awesome on her!! They could be sisters! :)

  14. You two looked like you had so much fun doing this tutorial together and really, isn't that the point of makeup in the first place? To have some fun! Well done, ladies! Some more American/English words for you -- truck/lorry, trunk/boot, panties/knickers, snob/toff, exhausted/knackered. Of course, I can't help but use my favorite English expression - gobsmacked - as often as possible!


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