Saturday, 28 April 2012

Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliqués

One of the trickiest make-up looks to achieve is the strong liner look.
 Struggle no more with the help of these liner appliqués.
These black fabric strips are available in three sizes (thick, medium and thin) and come with the option of two finishes, either matte or sparkly. I adore both, but the matte ones have a velvety texture that looks incredible on the eyes.

 Apply them in the same way as you would false lashes.
When you remove the liner from the box make sure you peel off the backing card, I didn't and couldn't work out why it wouldn't lay flat against my eye!
Then add a thin line of the included adhesive and apply as close to the natural lashes as possible.
 The glue allows you a little play time to move the liner around before it dries, it does dry clear so don't panic if you make a little mess.

 I have taken a photo of the thin liner on a bare eye so you can see clearly how it sits.

I would recommend doing all of your eye makeup first, except your mascara.
 If you apply eyeshadow after you have applied them then the fabric liner tends to get a little dusty and wont look as great.
 Once in place, apply your mascara and then for a seamless finish use a pencil liner (Avon Supershock works well) inside the upper lid waterline to fill in any fleshy pink area.
Depending on the length of your eye or the look you are going for you may also need to fill in the inside gap with a black liner.

Now in all honesty these are good for people with quite a bit of patience. I have bad eyesight and got
frustrated, which Sam and Nic found quite amusing!
It's easy enough to get the thicker flick end down and positioned but the inner corner is tricky, so be sure to have some tweezers handy as it makes the whole process easier. Also be careful not to get the glue in the eyelash root as this will make the lashes look gunky!
Once you manage to get them on neatly they do look amazing and stay put all day.
 They come off with the help of an oily eye make-up remover and can be re-used several times.
Sam thinks that these may work well for those with hooded eyes that struggle with liner application.

Have you tried them?

A single pack is £4.99 and a duo pack £8.99
They are available from Superdrug

Written by Stacey Oakes - Pixiwoo Co-ordinator/blogger/make-up artist/model/guinea pig

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Smilepod and Invisalign

Statistics show that 75% of adults suffer from some form of dental phobia or anxiety from that looming dental appointment written in red on the calendar.
If your one of these people and live in the UK then check out Smilepod.
They are a walk in dental hygienist with 24 hour online booking. They pride themselves on taking the anxiety out of a dental appointments and putting your tooth demons to rest.
I have major dentist phobia, up until a few years ago I had avoided the dentist for six years!

The four walk-in Smilepods are in London and located at Bank, Covent Garden, Soho and Canary
Wharf and feel more like a trendy spa rather than a sterile dentist.
Services and prices are listed on the walls so there are no nasty shocks at the end of the appointment.
Consultations for most treatments are also free. Their website is very informative and also breaks down the costs and treatments to put your mind at rest.

I went to Smilepod for teeth whitening but while there I noticed that they also offer Invisalign teeth straightening, something I have been interested in for some time.
I am very conscious of my smile as my teeth are quite pointed. When I look at a photograph of myself smiling I see:-

I know that vampires are popular these days but that hasn't alleviated my insecurities.
Here is a close up of my spiky nashers (before whitening). Pretty gross huh!

I will be keeping you updated on my Invisalign Journey on the blog and also on our second channel PixiwooMadness
If you would like to hear about my teeth whitening experiences watch this video. If you are interested in trying teeth whitening at the Smilepod studios check out Buyapowa


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Facial Skin Mists

After working long hours, often make-up appears dull, drained and in need of a pick me up.
This is where the face mist comes in handy. I often have one on my desk and in my bag to freshen up during the day.
There are lots of different brands available but they pretty much all do a similar job.
The main ingredients in these products are generally a mixture of spring water and natural nitrogen. Some brands have other skin soothers in them such as Chamomile, and Vitamin E.

Some people claim that these mists will fix your make-up and make it stay longer. I am personally not convinced they will improve the longevity but they are perfect to revive a tired make-up look.
If you find your skin looks cakey by 3pm then spritz this over and re-buff in the foundation.
Also really handy to use as a mixing medium when wanting to turn a powder product into a creamy texture, some eyeshadows when mixed with a mist will give a more metallic finish.

Also good for people who suffer from Rosacea, Excema or dry dehydrated skin as many contain calming ingredients (although check with your G.P before spritzing on a sensitive skin!)

Grab a bottle in under 100ml and refresh your skin during a flight to ensure celeb refreshed skin on landing. (obviously not pressurised canister)

We have all been testing various face mists and here are a few of our favorites,  check them out just in time for summer.

Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water
£6.50 150ml
The best one for a very sensitive skin, sunburn and razor burn.
Very gentle and contains only Spring water and nitrogen so safe enough to use for children too.

MAC Fix+
£12.50 100ml
Packed full of skin nourishing vitamins Chamomile and cucumber to soothe this is a familiar backstage  product.
Often used to freshen models skin or to turn a pigment into a cream this is a versatile product.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
100ml £7.00
Good for a dry dull skin although I generally dislike any products that smell too much of rose which this does.
Also I prefer the nozzle style of the can spritzers as I find when you come to the end of this style of spray it just spits the product at your face rather than a gentle spray!

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water*
150ml $12.90
Recommended by dermatologists this spray is slightly more medicinal in the fact that it's suggested it can be used on sensitive skin pre or post surgery.
Contains nothing but spring water and selenium which is an anti-oxidant.
Good for inflamed skin. Pop it in the fridge so its cool when you spray it on. Heavenly

Have you tried any of these?

*May be tested on animals

Friday, 20 April 2012

Charlize Theron W Magazine Tutorial

Following on from Nics' Queen Ravenna Charlize tutorial, I have attempted the make-up that she wore on the cover of W Magazine, the make-up artist was Shane Paish from Jed Root Agency

The products that I used can be seen at 105 Looks.
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact 40
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Natural
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Ash Blonde
Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow gel in Espresso
Laura Mercier Metallic Creme in Alloy
Neals Yard Eyeshadow in Truffle
Revlon Grow Lucious Mascara
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Chanel Soleil de Tan
AVON Earthen Rose
Chanel Lip Pencil in Peche

Thursday, 19 April 2012

What on earth is a BB Cream?

Everyday I hear about BB creams and I see the beautiful images in the glossy magazines and they look great. I like to think I am pretty up to date with the latest in cosmetics but I was still a little confused by these mystery products that I feel arrived out of nowhere!
If you're a BB Cream expert then skip to the end but if you're a little confused then read on!
BB stands for Blemish Balm, they became popular in the Asian market for women who had undergone laser treatment or surgery and wanted to still use cosmetics on their skin that were gentle but still gave coverage.
 Due to the heavy Asian celebrity endorsement the western market picked up on these products and all the major brands now seem to have a line in BB's.
 In a nutshell they are a moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunblock in one product. Perfect for those on the go or people who don't really want tons of products in their make up bag.
 Really similar to the good old tinted moisturiser but with a little more staying power due to the priming ingredients, a higher SPF and lots of lovely skin boosting ingredients slung in for good measure!

I have had a little look into some of the best ones available.
MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF35
Wow that's a tongue twister!
This BB is very lightweight and sheer with a subtle tint that will even you out but not provide too much coverage.
It comes in one shade and think of it as more of a tinted primer that smooths the skin naturally.
Good as a base to then layer on blusher, bronzer or powder.
Not great for people who require coverage but perfect for those who like to look like they are not wearing make-up.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream*
This BB gives a fresh radiant finish to a dulling skin.
Again a sheer coverage that gives a more luminous finish, therefore more suitable for dry skin. Contains a lower SPF at factor 15.
Available in two shades and due to the optical blurring ingredients this would be good for those whose concerns are fine lines.
50ml at £9.99 and available from Boots and Superdrug

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream
No7 have excelled in their range of BB creams as they have brought one out for all skin types dry, normal and oily.
Containing SPF15 this BB gives a light/medium coverage whilst still having the luminous finish we all crave.
 I have oily skin and I found all though initially creamy the product dried and left my skin feeling matte.
 A great product for people who require the coverage but also have a certain skin type that they wish to correct.
40ml £12.95 from Boots

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30
This BB is perfect for an older or more sensitive skin. The high SPF gives great environment protection and its packed full of skin soothing ingredients that tone down redness.
Medium coverage, available in three shades with a demi-matte finish. Great for slightly oily skin due to the oil controlling properties.
40ml at £25.00

Estee Lauder Daywear BB Cream SPF35
High in SPF and anti-oxidant ingredients this medium coverage is lovely on uneven skin tones to even it out and tone down redness.
It has a surprising amount of coverage and hydration for dry skin and oil balancing ingredients for oily skin.
Available in two colours that melt into the skin with ease.
30ml at £32 from

Written by Stacey Oakes - Queen of Pixiwoo Towers :)
Photograph - Philip Waterman, Makeup - Sam Chapman
* May be tested on animals

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Guide to Summer Tinted Moisturisers

For the summer months tinted moisturisers give the skin a welcome break from heavier foundations used through the winter.
Depending on your skin type there are some great options available.
Generally, these products are lightweight and will contain an SPF. They can be applied using your fingers but for a more polished look apply with a stippling or buffing brush. Using a brush will also help to build the coverage in the areas you need it.
Here are some of our favourites:-

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF30 (£27.00) is great for a combination/oily skin.
This is oil free, paraben free and derived form natural ingredients that still hydrate the skin.
Great for all ages and helps to reduce appearance of pigmentation this provides a light coverage and gives a radiant finish.

Becca Luminous Skin Colour SPF25 (£35.00) is great for people who want the feel and look of a tinted moisturiser but who require a tiny bit more coverage.
 Containing anti-oxidants and antiseptic ingredients this is great for problematic skin types.

Estee Lauder Day Wear SPF15 (£34.00) is amazing for people who don’t have time to fuss over their base. It goes on as a mint coloured cream but through the action of massaging it in it transforms into a subtle tint. Only downside is that it's only available in one shade so if you are very pale you may find this one a little too dark for you.
Great for a dull or dry skin as its packed with anti-oxidant ingredients which help reduce the first signs of aging, dullness and drying effects of everyday life.

Laura Mercier's range of tinted moisturisers each have an SPF 20 and all cost £33.00. They offer an alternative for dry, dull and oily skins.
My favourite is the regular tinted moisturiser, available in 9 colours, it
provides a medium coverage which is easily buildable to give an excellent coverage.
The staying power is also incredible. Huge fan here. 


Sunday, 15 April 2012

no!no! Hair Removal

So when a no! no! arrived in the post and promised pain free and long lasting hair removal, I thought this has to be too good to be true. Right?  Wrong. I heard about no! no! after seeing it advertised on television but I wasn't convinced by the idea and the effectiveness of it, especially considering its rather hefty price tag (ahem just under £200), how could epilation be painless? 

After leaving it in the box for some time, I finally gave it a go and, although I found it took some getting used to, I am now a no!no! convert.  So, how can it be painless I hear you ask? The no!no! uses thermicon technology, or heat to you and me, to get rid of unwanted hair and for long lasting results, which means it doesn't pluck at your skin. It doesn't feel too hot and skin feels comfortably warm. It successfully gets rid of hairs, but I did find the first few times that it can be a quite drawn out process and you have to be firm with it, however when you have mastered the technique you will find it quicker to do every time. It definitely does last, hair regrowth has been much slower and hairs appear finer. It works just like an epilator, but without the pain which is undeniably a great bonus. The major set back for this product is that it smells, you know the smell of burnt hair? Yes, like that - if you can overcome this then the no!no! could be the product for you! 

The no!no! is designed for all hair types and can be used all over the body,  I love how small and compact it is compared to regular epilators so it is really transportable. I have been using it every couple of weeks which is ample for keeping hairs at bay. The price may seem rather expensive, but I managed to justify it by considering the amount of money I spend on razors each year, where as this will (hopefully) last me a lifetime! 

Check the no!no! out, now stocked at Selfridges
I suspect we need a Buyapowa co-buy on this product.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Powder Foundation Guide

People have been using powder on their skin since the ancient Egyptians wore lead and chalk to lighten their complexion, These days we don't have to go to quite that extreme.
Powder foundations are great if you require a light but buildable coverage with a matte finish.
Due to the matte finish these foundations are not so great for dry skins but aimed at a combination/oily skin type.
Matte textures although great with oil control tend to look a little dull and with over application you run the added risk of the dreaded cake face!
To avoid this always give your moisturiser or primer enough time to absorb into the skin.
For a lighter application use a soft brush to apply the powder or if you prefer a heavy coverage then use the sponge provided but remember to change the sponge regularly to prevent the oils from your skin transferring to the product and sealing it.
If you find that you get shiny throughout the day don't apply more layers of this product as it will build up, leaving you looking plastered, rather apply an anti-shine oil absorbing powder where needed.
If you require a really heavy coverage team it up with a liquid foundation underneath.

Having oily skin I have tried a few different foundation powders so have detailed some here for you from a varying price scale.

Creme De La Mer - The Treatment Powder Foundation

A pearl coloured plastic compact with mirrored lid containing 10g powder compact with space underneath for a latex sponge. Box also contains a spare sponge.
For £65.00 I expected a slightly more luxurious hard wearing packaging so this product is perfect for people who keep their make-up pristine on their dressing table but probably not for those that need to transport it around in their handbag or kit.
The powder is very lightweight so great for a natural finish. Rather than a totally matte finish it has a slight radiance to it, due to ingredients including gemstones to create a satin finish.
It definitely smoothed out my skin and felt really silky. It also kept the shine at bay for most of the day but I did need to reapply for a bit of coverage on the T-zone half way through the day.
During reapplication the product layered smoothly with no chalky build up.

MAC Studio Fix

A cult powder that is a staple of any MUA kit, This powder foundation has a medium buildable coverage.
Standard MAC plastic casing with 15g of powder containing a latex sponge housed in a separate area underneath powder.
Designed to be used dry this powder gives a velvety texture that has oil absorbing ingredients and the added talc has been ground down to a microscopic size so the skin can breath.
This product photographs well and is also great for men.
Perfect for people who want more coverage.
It is really important to keep the sponge in the separate compartment as if you leave it sitting on the powder it will seal the powder due to oil contamination.
If this happens just scratch off the surface lightly and fresh powder will be revealed!

Laura Mercier Foundation powder

Mirrored 7.4g compact. This foundation is good for those who like to use their product wet or dry. It comes with a puff to use dry for a medium coverage or use wet for a much fuller cover.
This powder feels heavier to the touch and not quite as silky as others but it does provide excellent coverage and the titanium dioxide ingredient gives a soft focus finish however it may flash back when photographed with flash.

   Clinique Almost Powder Foundation

Packaged in the standard Clinique marbled green compact it contains 13g of product and a sponge.
Just because you like a powder foundation doesn't mean you need to sacrifice wearing an SPF.
Clinique have a really lightweight powder foundation that gives that no make-up make-up look while protecting your skin from damage.
It contains SPF15 which is perfect for the summer although there is a slight flash back in flash photography because of this.
Very silky to the touch and the powder is so finely milled that you hardly feel it's on. Literally zero chalky cakeface whilst keeping you matte.

Which powder foundations have you tried and loved?

Written by Stacey Oakes - Pixiwoo Studio Manager and Oily Skin Specialist :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Katy Perry Tutorial

We are so used to seeing Katy Perry in her beautiful wide eyed look with a bubblegum pink lip that when we saw the visual of her for March edition of Interview magazine looking uber sexy with a hint of an Amy Winehouse look we couldn't wait to recreate this look.

To re create this look Nic used ;

Becca Luminous Skin Foundation
MAC Moisturecover Concealer
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder to give a flawless but radiant skin with a contour of
AVON True Colour Earthen Rose Blusher and Sleek Make Up Face Contour Kit in light.
MAC Lustre drops in Pink Rebel was used over the cheekbones and brow line to highlight.
All the emphasis is on the strong black liquid liner, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline to create this.
MAC Brun Eyeshadow and Bourjois Eyeshadow intense extrait 10 are on the eyes with Anastasia Brow Wizz used to define brow.
Katy Perry lashes in OH MY are added to compliment the look.
No.7 Perfect Lip Pencil 20 Nude & MAC Stone Lipliner with MAC Honeylove Lipstick finish the nude matte lip.

We have been kindly given an amazing gift set of all four styles of Katy Perry lashes by Eylure which have been signed by Katy Perry herself to give away to one lucky subscriber. To be in with a chance to win them just leave a comment on the video and make sure you are subscribed!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Estee Lauder Bronze Sands Collection

This years summer collection from Estee Lauder is a slimline, mirrored eyeshadow compact that includes 5 ripple textured shades in their typical maze effect palette.

A great palette to take you from a glowing daytime look to shimmering dramatic evening look, compromising of a soft white gold and a slightly deeper antique gold, both of which would be good for highlighting or an all over wash of colour.
There is a much deeper copper bronze and plum brown to use for a more sultry smoky eye.
 The center colour is a vibrant turquoise which can be used to add a touch of detail or buff right over the lid for a bright summer eye.
 All the colours are metallic and are great if you want a high shine, illuminated look.

Taken with flash
Due to the depth and vibrancy of colours these will look amazing on warm sunkissed and darker skin tones.
 There are mini applicators included in a variety of shapes and sizes, these are good for when your on the move but generally I would say use a regular makeup brush to get a more professionally blended look.
 To accompany this palette there is a Luminous liquid bronzer and a shimmering bronze highlight powder.

I would recommend a good base tan or a darker skin for these products to sit naturally on the skin.
The liquid is a copper gold similar to the copper in the shadow palette. On a light skin tone this could look orange.
 You can massage this onto bare skin or mix a small amount with your current foundation.
 The powder is slightly more peach but still with a high pigment. For a light skin tone buff it gently into the apples of the cheeks or sweep over the chest and shoulders.
 For a darker skin tone use it on the cheeks, body or as a highlight.

The five colour gelee powder eyeshadow palette is £35.00
The luminous liquid bronzer is £21.50
The soft shimmer bronzer is £27.00

This collection is available now from House of Fraser and nationwide from May.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chanel Summer Collection 2012

Chanel are launching their summer 2012 collection in May and it takes its influence from the natural sand and spice shades that tanned skin projects in the sunlight.

The staple of all summer collections is always the bronzer. The Luminous Bronzing Powder is available in two colour ways of either pink or peach based tones. It contains seven silk textured tones within each palette. I am still using a similar product from last years summer launch.
Sweep all seven shades over the skin for a soft sunkissed radiance or pick out the individual colours to build definition.
I love to use the individual colours over the eyelids or as a contour as well.
The peach based palette will look amazing on warmer skin tones and the pink based palette on a fair skin.

The eyes are kept simple for this year and a duo of shimmering natural beige and chocolate brown would complement a day or evening soft smoky eye.
 Teamed up with a metallic peach kohl pencil to make the natural highlights of the eye pop.

 The line up of lipsticks are a hydrating sheer lip shine that have a very natural pearly pay off. The two colours depending on the intensity you prefer are a soft beige and a warm coral.

The glosses are transparent with a tint of colour that creates a high mirror shine. Quite thick in texture they also last well on the lips without feeling too sticky.

The fingers and toes complete the look with three different shades that compliment the lips in a soft beige, bronze and satsuma orange. Two coats are needed for a more opaque finish.

Available from 25th May

Monday, 9 April 2012

Blue Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Photo: Stelianour Sani  MUA: Sam Chapman
MUA: Pat McGrath
Jennifer Lopez

Available from 105 Looks
UNE BB Cream Immaculate Foundation
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in Brunette
MeMeMe Dew Pot in Midnight
Eyeko Fat Pencil in Petrol Blue
Make-Up Academy Eyeshadow Palette 'Dusk til Dawn'
Bourjois Little Round Pot Light Eyeshadow 02
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
AVON Supershock Gel Liner in Silver
AVON Earthen Rose Blush
Sleek make-up luminous pressed powder
MeMeMe Lip Gloss in Creme caramel
Ciate Caviar Manicure set

MACADAMIA Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

After the Redken review I tried Macadamia Deep  to another fabulous hair product, This hair mask is divine and the perfect pick-me-up for thirsty and dull hair. 
A few uses later and my hair looks visibly healthier, shinier and softer. 
The macadamia and argan oils in the masque ensure that the hair is intensely nourished and deeply conditioned, whilst simultaneously prolonging its effects with each use. 
For hair that is damaged - whether it is tangled, dry or heat damaged, the masque effectively restores and rebuilds hair, helping it look healthy and increasing its elasticity, overall making hair much more manageable. 

This is the first product of the line I have tried after hearing great things about the advantages of macadamia oil I can see why everyone seems to like it. You may think that the oils in it make the hair greasy but the product absorbs into the hair and has a light weight feel once dry (although limit your use of the product, if you use it too much then your hair will get greasy from product build up, once a week is ample for maintaining the benefits of the product), it also does seem to speed up the drying process whilst it's doing its work! It even has properties that protect your hair from the sun, so keeping it rejuvenated and revitalised at all times. I've just been running a small amount through the lengths in the shower and leaving it for a good ten minutes to get optimum results. 

You can buy the product direct from their website in the US or from in the U.K, it's available in 250ml and 500ml sizes, and, as usual, the 500ml is better value for money so it's worth investing.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Blush by 3

Pink Spirit

Sleek Make-Up create some really great quality affordable products.
They are great for make-up artists and make-up fanatics alike and with these new slimline mirror palettes it makes it even easier to carry them around in your tiny handbag or huge professional kit!

The Blush by 3 collection consists of 5 different palettes each containing 3 blush shades.
 They contain a mixture of matte and shimmer textures that can take you from a day to evening look effortlessly.
 The colour payoff is true to the appearance in the pan and they last well throughout the day.


These look amazing applied individually on the apples of the cheeks or if you feel experimental you could use all three layered on top of each other for a contoured and highlighted finish.
I love to sweep a little of the blusher I have used through the socket line of my eyes too just to blend the look seamlessly.

It is pretty obvious that these palettes will be popular with Make-up Artists. It's very exciting (and rare) to see an affordable brand embrace the trends of bold bright colours and in a palette too, a few years ago we would have spent hours desperately trying not to crack our blushers while depotting them just to make something similar to this!

Palettes are just £9.99 and are available from Superdrug stores (mostly sold out) and online at
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