Saturday, 24 March 2012

Repechage Lip Rescue Kit

My lips are an area that I often forget about when carrying out my regular beautifying routines and, no doubt, this is probably why my lips are constantly dry and flaky!

On Saturday night I wanted to wear a bright lip so felt it would be a good opportunity to give the Repechage Lip Rescue Kit a go so my lips would be primed to perfection.

I had not heard of this brand before but they are an American professional skin care range which is mainly sold within premium health spas and resorts.

The kit contains an exfoliating lip cream which is non abrasive. In the past I have used a really abrasive exfoliator on my lips which left them feeling raw and sensitive but the Repechage Lip Rescue Kit felt much more comfortable for me. Massage it in, leave for a few minutes and then tissue off. Next, apply the lip moisturiser all over the lip and surrounding skin using the massaging tool included. Gently run the wheels of the massager back and forth over the lips – don't look at yourself in the mirror while you do this as it's hard to massage your lips while you are laughing at yourself!

I ditched the massager after a few seconds preferring to massage the cream in myself using my fingers. The cream itself was very light and absorbed quickly. It dried to an almost matte finish which felt slightly strange but would be great for people who are not keen on the glossy / sticky feeling some balms can leave.

The plumping gloss was also gentle but effective and thankfully lacked the stinging sensation that some plumping products cause. It had a smooth texture and a high shine that lasted well.

This kit is good for people who want to maintain the softness of their lips but probably not best suited for people who have sensitive lips or suffer from extreme dryness. Although my lips felt good afterwards, I personally prefer a thicker balm to moisturise my lips.

The products are only available as a set and are available from priced at £25.75.


  1. resonablly priced if it works, i am forever getting dry/chapped lips!!

    Link text

  2. This sounds awesome - I could totally use something like this. Thanks!

  3. Is there any products you would recommend for extremely dry lips. I'm addicted to Nivea lip balm and for years have given up on wearing lipstick as they dry my lips so much. Having said that I'm trying to persevere again and Mac lipsticks seem to be ok for me xxx

  4. This looks so good! I really want to try it out! xoxo

  5. Looks really nice! I really dislike abrasive lip exfoliaters.

  6. I recommend the old well known vaseline believe it or not! I have awfully dry allergic skin with rosacea so you can imagine my lips are very dry and sensitive. Vaseline is widely used in pediatric dermatology nowadays, not because its cheap, but because it protects and avoids the loss of natural moist of the skin/lips. It is very well tolerated by all skin types preserving and respecting the natural chatacteristics of each one.

  7. I always have dry lips too. This sounds pretty good.

  8. nice post!

  9. Personally the best lip exfoliator is some olive oil and sugar, rub on, wipe off clean then either use a dot of olive oil to moisturise or Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream :)


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