Friday, 9 March 2012

Redken Extreme CAT

Apparently my hair is really dry and my hairdresser seems to think it was mainly due to a lack of protein in my hair.
 This she says, can be caused by a number of factors including diet, and the fact that I have my hair highlighted.
She recommended a product made by Redken which helps to restore the Protein in your hair.

Now for the science....
It includes fortifying ingredients which help give protective shine, structural repair and the proteins penetrate deep into the hair giving internal strength.
The natural lipids help resurface the hair making the cuticles smooth and shiny.

Its so easy to use this product.
After shampooing your hair towel dry to get most of the moisture out and then spritz all over the hair.
 Gently comb through the hair with a wide toothed comb and leave for 3-5 minutes and then rinse out.
Finish with your normal conditioner.
 If im short of time I will spray some into my conditioner in my hand and massage it in together and then rinse.

After I blow dried my hair it was super soft and really glossy. It never really looks glossy being blonde and normally dry but I could instantly feel the difference and a few people commented on how soft and full my hair looked.

This product can be used up to three times a week or just as an intensive treatment when you need it.

150ml retails for £16 in the UK.
Check out for more information

Let me know if you know of any other great products for dry hair.

Post written by Stacey Oakes. 
Pixiwoo Make-up Course Coordinator.


  1. you hair color is lovely!

  2. I've used lots and lots of expensive products recently after my friend highlighted my hair and left the bleach on one side wayyy too long! The best conditioner I can recommend is the new panten Pro V Im sorry I can't remember the name but nothing has ever left my hair so soft and shiny, and of course macadamia oil is also a must!

    Jazz xo

  3. I love this stuff! Redken Anti Snap is another great product for brittle hair

  4. too bad they test on animals :(

  5. And only £16 that's great to hear!!! I have the lack of gloss too being blonde, only thing I have ever been amazed with is kerastase oleo- relax serum- on straight hair WOW but then probs have to wash hair next day cus you look like a cow has licked your head :/ x thanks Stacey! Clo xx

  6. I love this brand, I think it´s really good! thanks for sharing!

  7. I have never seen such shiney blonde hair in my life!

  8. Have you tried the Morrocan Oil?
    Usually it's only sold in salons and it's quite expensive but it's amazing!

  9. Please, girls, if possible, do this look:

    Its rooney for vogue. she looks amazing and I really think it would suit Sam.

    I'm a big fan. xx

  10. I just purchased and used Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner (the conditioner is the only one of the two products that has the same benefits as the Redken product). My hair feels AMAZING!

  11. I love Redken products! Great products and they smell lovely! I'm a fan of the Morrocan Oil range it has to be said. I don't use all of the time, as I think too much product and your hair can become quite heavy and overpowered by it. My faces are the Intense Mask and the Oil itself; makes my hair feel like silk!

  12. I used to use Redken All Soft Velvet Whip, but they discontinued it. So this I might give this a go. I have dry hair from regular colour treatments.

    Jamie-Lee x

  13. wow! Super glossy and shiny! Please, more hair posts!

  14. You don't even need to use expensive products like this. The best method for helping dry or over processed hair is coconut oil and an egg. Coconut oil is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the follicles in our hair, and the protein from the egg helps strength the hair. Simply melt a TBS or two depending on hair thickness mix with an egg, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Dont forget a shower cap or plastic bag. After a few times your hair will be shinier and softer. Try it out! Super cheap and effective alternative to expensive deep conditioning products!


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