Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NUDE Skincare

Nude is an award winning skincare brand I had heard about, but until recently hadn't had the chance to try and test. So when I received the Advance Cellular Renewal Range I was more than eager to try it out after reading great reviews in the press.

Arguably, these products are their signature anti-ageing products which perhaps isn't massively necessary at 30 years of age, but nonetheless I was drawn in by its promise to rejuvinate, hydrate, restore and firm, essentially I was looking for new skin. Nude is a luxury high end brand that prides itself on its natural qualities, it is silicone free and it uses Probiotic Technology to aid cellular repair and renewal and the two products I have been using - Advance Cellular Renew Serum and Advance Cellular Moisturiser - go the extra mile to bring skin back to life.

The serum is their worldwide best seller, and teamed with the moisturiser I have to say my skin has been consistently flawless since using it, as a combination it delivers everything you could want from a skincare brand. The serum has the highest concentration of Probiotic Technology which is proven to repair the skin. As soon as I started using my skin felt smooth and its appearance dewier. It is also gentle enough to use round the eyes. The moisturiser, which I use following the serum, keeps skin firm and constantly hydrated, together they make for a very powerful skincare combination.

I use only a small amount of each product morning and evening which is sufficient for covering the whole face, it smells delicious as well, and you really feel like you are giving skin a healthy treat that will instantly give gratification and noticeable difference. All this joy comes at a premium though, the combination is priced at £146 so I don't think I will be rushing any time soon to repurchase, but if you feel like (really) treating your skin then you wont be disappointed!

Have any of you guys sampled the Nude range?



  1. OMG, sounds amazing, but the price??? I read once that there is no cream or serum worth that kind of money.... but sure, once I win the lottery, I will give it a go! x Marina

  2. great review :)
    I love the hydrating water, it just plumps up the skin and makes my dry sensitive skin feel happier.

  3. Never, but I'm hoping to try it soon

  4. Never tried this brand! thanks for sharing!

  5. i swear by nude, love love loved the serum and the oil, the wash is really nice too!

  6. I think it's rather cheeky that the only way you can get your hands on the serum is to buy it as a set with the moisturiser!

    I have been a massive Pixiwoo fan for ages and ages! Love your blog etc etc.

    I would really love you ladies to sign off your posts so I know who wrote it, just so I know the skin type of the person reviewing :)

    Sammy :) x

  7. Interesting...I've read some very negative reviews about this line, you're one of the surprisingly favourable ones. I don't think, from what I've read, these products are worth the money but do keep us updated if you use them over the next few months!

  8. The cleansing oil is amazing and is THE most gorgeous smelling cleanser ever! x


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