Sunday, 18 March 2012

Little White Lie Tanning Lotion

This is a new product to me, and a welcome addition to the fake tanners I have tried in the past. The great thing about this product in particular, is that you can achieve instant results as it develops fast. Instead of having to apply it to dry skin, you can apply it straight after moisturising. It comes out of the tube in the classic dark brown fake tan shade, yet when you begin to blend it into the skin it turns into a white creamy lotion that is simple to work with, it gives an even colour and I had no problems with streaking or patchiness. It absorbs quickly, without leaving residue yet manages to leave the skin feeling comfortable and breathable.

The colour the tan develops to is very natural, I don’t apply too much to the skin anyway, but it is buildable and turns a deeper shade as opposed to a different colour when more is applied. Although you get instant results, it does develop further over a couple of hours but not too drastically so don’t worry. In terms of longevity, it is noticable on the skin for up to 3 days, so I would recommend application a couple of times a week to maintain a light and natural tanned look. The scent of the tan does have a hint of the typical fake tan smell, but it is not as bad as some others – but make sure you wash your hands as soon as applied – it will stain!

Ok, so it hasn’t got the best scent in the world but perhaps that’s not so much of a problem and it’s the finished look that counts, right?  The one I have is the darker tanning lotion and it is £15, but there is a lighter option available which actually comes out as a clear lotion when applied which doesn’t provide an instant colour like the darker lotion and instead develops after a couple of hours and that is £12.50. As well as these two, there are exfoliators, mousse’s, sprays and a “wash off” product that you apply, and then wash off straight away for instant colour 
These products are currently a third off in Boots in the U.K so you can get even more value for money! 
Take a look at them here


  1. ahh that sounds like a great product and affordable, time to go order one! :)

  2. Tried this, great value fake tan. But I'd rather pay an extra few quid and get xen-tan :)

  3. Fake tans always scare me, I might give the lighter one a try :) xx

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