Friday, 23 March 2012

Illamasqua Neutral Palette

I love the summertime but the major downfall with the longer days is that when you head out on a saturday night it's still broad daylight and you feel like you have so much make-up on!
 This little gem from Illamasqua is the perfect palette that combines colours for a smokey sultry eye but with the combined textures of matte and metallic so you can create a more subtle blended, softer look.        
The shadows were easy to blend with zero fall out on the cheeks.
Often in a quad there is at least one colour you would never use but each colour in this palette has its use weather you use them individually or together. 
The soft buttermilk base called stealth creates a soft matte highlight and sits as a great base for layering on the antique gold colour called Vintage. I used this colour all over the lid and buffed it into the crease of the eye. (see image at bottom of post)

Depending on the depth of colour you want you can then darken up the crease with the chocolatey brown (Wolf) and add a little of the black shadow named Obsidian at the very edges and wing it out for a feline twist to the look.

The gold (Vintage) compliments brown, green eyes or blue eyes perfectly

Have a play and let us know what you think.

Quad is £30.00 and available at


  1. Simply beautiful. Illamasqua never fail to make me drool with their new products!

    Claire x

  2. Wow, that eye make-up is gorgeous, hope you're doing a tutorial on it. I always wear neutrals and I've loads of natural palettes from MAC, Soap and Glory, Sleek, Inglot.... do I need more?? do I?? oh ok then!! :-).

    Guys, I've been watching you on YouTube for years now and you've taught me all I know about make-up.... does that make me a qualified make-up artist?? :-)

    My blog....

  3. The colours look very beautiful, but will be a bit too warm for me.

  4. I love these colours, love love love the vintage shade!

  5. on the swatch photo it says wolf is the black and Obsidian the brown, but isn't it the other way around?

    i wish it didn't include a gold though.. i love the other 3 shades, but i don't look that great with gold on my eyes.

    1. It is the other way around, definitely as I have Obsidian and it is a fantastic black shadow.

  6. Looks very pretty, kind of reminds me of some colours from the Naked palette :-)

  7. this looks so gorgeous on blue eyes. thanks for sharing ladies :)

    A Lust For Life

  8. wow I love it!! so nice tones and I preatty sure the quality is amazing! thanks for sharing!

  9. 30.00 is a great price for this, hope I can find it somewhere and swatch away :)

  10. I think this palette is genius although I'm not the huge fan of ILLAMASQUA eyeshadows. But it's such a great combo

  11. Gorgeous. I love the Cavelli look you just did, too! Can you do a Georgina Chapman look? It would look amazing on you, too, but I'm curious about all her glimmer. Thanks!

  12. did u c lancome new palettes?

  13. I want this pallet for me!!

    Jaque from Brazil!]]xoxo

  14. Hi,

    The photo has the two shadow names on the right the wrong way around. Obsidian is the black (last on right) and Wolf is the brown right centre. Just in case anyone is buying them as the separate colours! ;-)


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