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Burberry Beauty

Not so long back, the renowned fashion house Burberry launched its cosmetic range 'Burberry Beauty'. The whole collection is beautiful, sophisticated and fairly neutral in terms of colours. Everything about the range, from the products themselves, the packaging, the visuals to go with them and the models that front the range is perfectly polished. The colours of the products are all soft, warm and gentle shades that ooze luxury. They are perfect for enhancing features and bringing out the best in one's beauty. The packaging is effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, where each product itself (where it can be) and the packaging to go with it, is embossed with a signature Burberry check pattern. Here are a few highlights from the amazing range... 

Sheer Eyeshadow in Trench No.02 (left) and Porcelain No.03 (right) 

Two gorgeous and natural shadows, great for base colours or for a natural every day look. The two combined look great for a subtle yet defined appearance. Beautifully presented and with the signature Burberry check, these are sophisticated individual cased shadows - the shadow itself is fantastic quality with brilliant colour pay off, a soft texture and are easy to blend with, an expensive but beautiful attribute to any make-up collection.
Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow's are £22.50 

Burberry Lip Cover in Nude Cashmere (No.26)

I love the warmth and richness to this shade, it's perfect for adding a soft plumpness, yet depth and subtle warmth to the lips. The lipstick is highly moisturising and has a satin finish, making it comfortable to wear. The packaging is incredible too - again in the signature burberry style - even the lipstick itself has Burberry check embossed on to it. It's worth mentioning here that the lipstick's packaging, along with all the other Burberry beauty items that require it, are magnetic, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the pieces wont come apart in your make-up bag.
Burberry Lip Cover's are £22.50

Burberry Eye Definer in Midnight Brown No.02

A beautifully warm brown pencil liner for defining and creating depth to the eye shape. It glides on with such ease and is simple to manipulate eye shape with. This colour is also shot through with a small amount of shimmer adding extra appeal and glamour to the eye shape created. The liner is also incredibly long wearing and stays completely in place, it is water resistant too, which is an added bonus. 
Eye Definer's £15.50

Sheer Foundation in Trench No.05

This foundation is so fantastic that it could merit its own blog post. I absolutely love it. For those of you who like a natural, yet dewy and healthy glow to the skin then this is one for you. It has such a lightweight formula and blends into the skin like a dream. Skin feels breathable even though you are wearing make-up, and once in place it gives the skin such radiance and luminosity without the appearance of wearing any.  It lasts on the skin perfectly all day and not at one point does it feel at all uncomfortable, even right at the end of the day. Definitely one  to check out despite the price tag. 
Sheer Foundation is available for £35.00

Warm Glow Bronzer in Copper Glow No.02 

This is another product that you could write home about! This bronzer is fantastic and works wonders. It is completely matte, which is the finish I prefer and also the hardest to find in a bronzer.  It is buildable so you can achieve your desired finish although very pigmented so don't go crazy. Available in 3 shades, it gives a natural finish that doesn't scream 'I'm wearing bronzer', instead the skin is given a, instant flash of colour and a healthy glow which is also brilliant to contour with due to the matte finish. 
Available for £31.00 

Burberry Effortless Mascara in Midnight Blonde No.03

Finally, is the Burberry mascara - the one here is the lightest of three shades, the picture here doesn't show it amazingly, but the colour of the product is a natural light warm brown. This is a great shade for creating shapely lashes on those with fair hair/lashes. It will create a gentle and understated finish rather than a full-on mascara look. Asides from the colour, the mascara itself fully coats every lash and brings out the best in them, it effectively separates lashes too so is pretty mess free, as well as this the mascara creates lots of volume, giving lashes a full bodied appearance. The packaging I love too, with the clear and angular tube making it both unique and an alternative approach to the traditional mascara tube. Im not a massive fan of the rather lengthy wand but others may be.
Effortless Mascara is available for £21.50

So there you go, a beauty round up of the amazing Burberry cosmetic range. Have you guys tried any of the products? I'd like to know which products you love the most. For those of you who want to have a look at the rest of the collection and the brilliant visuals, check it out online at



  1. It all looks so beautiful!! How I would LOVE to own some Burberry cosmetics! Perhaps one day. :)

  2. I am very tempted by that foundation, the one thing I would worry about is coverage, I need a medium to full coverage.

    For anyone interested I've done a post on new perfume launches...

  3. I tried the lipsticks- theyre quite good, and I LOVE the magnetic cases. Much better than lipstick mash in your handbag!! I keep meaning to pick up an eyeshadow or two, but now I want a few more things!! Thanks Pixiwoo!!xx

    P.s. I posted on a couple of your real techniques brushes today, and found the clear packets make excellent travel brush holders! xx

  4. I was just wondering what shade you were in the foundation, I am normally a mac NW15-20 so I assume i would be a bit lighter than yourselves. Also you wouldn't happen to know if this is sold in a particular shop as well?

    Many Many Thanks

    1. Hi KQ,

      Here is a store list
      They only come in 5 colours so I'm not sure if the lightest one will be light enough for you.

  5. I like it but it just seems ridicoulus it's only available online or in harrods. Such expensive make up should be tried or seen in reality and is burberry english? So why all this exclusivity? It should be everywhere or at list in the burberry shops. This is why I will never buy anything, I don't like the attitude

  6. How suitable would you say the foundation is for dry skin?

    1. I got the foundation about the year ago and I actually find it comparable to the Nars Sheer Glow in terms of its wearability and... well, glow. Lol. I have dry skin and I adore this foundation on me :)

  7. Hi girls! Will you be doing a video on these products in the near future? I don't think I have ever bought a high-end product before seeing a video of yours with it haha! Keep up the good work xx

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products! I've been tempted to try Burberry cosmetics for a long time. I might stop by a counter to check it out.

  9. I looks good, but they are a bit expensive! thanks for sharing!

  10. Im defo going to check these out now, thanks

  11. i'd just like to say that I did read your post on the fake article and I do agree with you, shame on them! you guys do a great job and i'd be lucky to have as much courage and willpower as you girls have!

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  13. I saw Tanya doing a Burberry tutorial a couple of month ago and I fell in love with Midnight Brown sheer eye shadow. So I went ahead and bought it, together with Rosewood. I think I'm totally in love with Burberry beauty, wish it was a bit more affordable :).


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