Sunday, 26 February 2012

JESSICA Hologram Chic

Absolutely loving this limited edition set from our favourite Jessica nails, the set consists of two varnishes to create amazing three dimensional colour. You begin by applying colour on the left, 'Retro Revival', to give a clear glowing base, this only needs one coat (you might be wondering why it says 'Top Coat' on the bottle of this one, I was too, but on the website it confirms it is a base coat), then follow this with two coats of the silver 'Disco Diva' to give the most awesome colourful, shining, holographic nails. As with all Jessica polishes, they are amazingly chip proof and so easy to apply, which I think is partly down to the brush which is firm and thick so allows for it to be evenly applied. On the huge plus side, they dry really quickly too which is great if you don't have lots of time or are prone to smudging. Jessica also recommends that with all their polishes, you should paint both under and over the nail to seal the varnish, which is a really good tip to avoid chipping.

Ultimately though, I just love the finish, it's something fun and unique, one of those nail varnishes where you can't stop looking at your hands. Sounds a bit weird, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Nic used the silver to tip her nails for an alternative french manicure and it looked amazing.

Get the gorgeous duo whilst you can from Jessica Cosmetics online or in the UK you can get it from  for just over £20. 


  1. They remind me of the nail varnishes I used to wear when I was younger :) xx

  2. That hologram polish is amazing! I've wanted one that gives that effect for ages! x

  3. Oh wow I have to get this duo, I loveeee holo nails!

  4. that colour is gorgeous!

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  5. At last something similar to GOSH holographic available in the UK! Yay!

  6. Looks good!

  7. Ooooooo lovely!! Looks like GOSH's Holographic nail varnish!!

    Kitty xoxox

  8. LOVE Holographic nail polishes! Though I think at my age (43) I'm too old to pull off most of them on my hands - I still like to wear them on my toes! Good thing I have cute feet! LOL!

  9. The Oscars 2012:

  10. Hi! I follow you since some months but this is my first comment, you are faboulous girls!! Unfortunately (only for makeup availability!) I live in Tuscany, Italy, and the online shops you mentioned doesn't deliever here... I found some Jessica colours on lookfantastic, but neither this fantastic duo nor the peridot dupe. Could you please suggest any online shop delievering in europe where I can buy your fantastic suggestions?
    Thanks!!! ;)


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