Thursday, 2 February 2012

Armani Blushing Fabric

The Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush has a whipped, almost mousse like formula (see picture below) which is quite a rare texture - but the results are beautiful. It's soft to touch and upon application has a velvety and smooth feel which makes it easy to work with and blends beautifully for a sheer and vibrant blush on the cheek that is buildable for those that like a full-on finish.
A little goes a long way so this tube will last you a very long time.  
Unlike most cream blushes, this one stays firmly in place for as long as your foundation holds up, and it then comes off with ease when the day is over. This colour is shot through with shimmer, giving it a special touch and adding more intensity to the finish. 
All in all, an easy to use product for an instant fresh and glowing look, making the skin look healthy and warm. 
It's innovative formula gives it a unique selling point, making it stand out from other cream blushers available and giving it a little extra appeal.

The Armani Blushing Fabric's are available in three colours. This one here is called Shimmering Apricot Pink. 

                                     Disclaimer: This review was written by Kate Gowing. 
                                     Armani is a L'Oreal owned company. Nic and Sam did not review this product due to animal testing policies.



  1. This blush looks really different! I want to try it :) x

  2. Wow! Lovely Color as well!

  3. wow, that color on your finger look awesome! very vivid but cool.

  4. looks very different blended intrigued!

  5. I've been torturing myself in order to decide whether I should get one of these or not... but now that I read your article, I think I will, next month! Thank you girls :)

  6. looks like an amazing colour :D

  7. Hm, i kind of dont know how i feel about a review of armani products on your website. i always looked up to you and found it very inspiring that you do not use products that are tested on animals. And even though this review is not written by yourselves, it is your website and people will be interested to buy products that are reviewed on this platform.

  8. @wiebkemarie We have many different followers those that are bothered by testing and those that are not. We do not personally review these products and put a disclaimer at the bottom so that people are well aware that these product may have been tested.
    Everyone has a choice and some people will buy the product, some people will not and some people will learn that a certain brand is tested when they had no idea before. We are trying to draw attention to it rather than brushing it under the carpet.

  9. The texture and consistency of this looks very interesting and personally although I am against animal testing I respect that you guys havent personally reviewed this product due to the animal testing aspect but are still catering for your followers that dont mind the product potentially being tested on animals.

    keep up the great work ladies and Good luck Nic on getting married soon! :D

    please check out my blog guys, comment and follow if you like what you read :D


  10. I love giorgio armani lumious silk foundation. This blush sounds equally as good! Can't wait to try it!

  11. I'm glad you didn't review the product. But I do hope that someone else can take a look at the quality and consistency of the product and replicate it while still being cruelty-free. I'm sure it can be done. After all, the jet came long after man knew we could fly without resorting to feather wings!

  12. Georgia Armani state that they do not test their products on animals.

  13. Giorgio Armaninstatenon their website that they don't test on animals.


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